Poetry Features, MaMaZinA Magazine Spring/Summer 2010

Know You Again by Jax Resto
I never looked at your picture in all those years
At least not intentionally
I’d come across it in a drawer sometimes
And glance at it incidentally
If I looked too long
I might recall
Your smile, your voice, your touch
So I never looked
Except by chance
But never chanced to look too much
So careful I was to be careless
Or carefree maybe, not sure
The sadness at times made me reckless
Trying to forget what I could not endure
I couldn’t see your smile
Feel your touch
Hear your voice
Calling my name
In those casual glances
When I’d find your picture
Then put it back
Before someone came
When I was strong enough
To know you again
I started stealing more chances
To come across
Your picture and stare
Wondering how I’d stopped at glances
How careless I’d been
To be careful
Trying not to miss you and fall
To the sadness that times
Made me reckless
And pretend not to know you at all
And I can see your smile
Feel your touch
Hear your voice calling my name
When I stare at the picture
I used to hide in a drawer
Till I could let myself
Know you again

Born and raised in New York, Jax Resto has been writing and performing since her pre-teen years. One always seems to lead her back to the other. While researching a story on professional auditions, Jax landed a dancing role with Ringling Brothers, which eventually led to a career as an aerial acrobat. With too much energy to just sit around between shows, Jax wrote her first two novels and since has published one, plus two children’s books. While writing one of her novels, she felt the need to give authenticity to her character by taking up the drums, guitar and writing songs. It didn’t take her long to realize that performing wasn’t completely out of her system. When she’s not writing, or taking care of her family, Jax can be found rocking it out on the drums in an all-female band.

A pesar de todo.
by Cary Clemente

A pesar de todo y de todos, vivo;
aún a costa de dolor, lágrimas,
golpes y sufrimientos, existo
y milagrosamente aún siento.

¡Cuantas veces me pesó la vida!
como fardo inutil me agobió su peso;
Cuantas veces anhelé la muerte
y ya impaciente, le salí al encuentro.

Cuantos años pasaron, cuantos crudos inviernos,
cuantos sueños quedaron dormitando a mis pies,
ilusiones pasaron, cual gaviotas sin nido,
esperanzas y anhelos alejados de mí.

Hoy, sola ante la vida, con los ojos del tiempo
miro atrás…¡Cuantos años, Dios mío!
un camino de lágrimas forman mis recuerdos,
un camino que nadie ya podrá recorrerlo.

…Y estoy viva, aun lucho y siento,

mis fracasos son míos, como mío mi lamento
y todo este dolor que oculto en mi silencio,
con nadie lo comparto, a nadie se lo muestro.

Cary Clemente, nació en Cuba y vivió varios años en New York, allí estudióPrinciple of Design, en FIT, y Decoración en N.Y School of Interior Design. Hoy, es una Esteticista, radicada en Miami, FL. Está escribiendo su primer libro de poesías: Hojas Secas. Sus versos, son un canto a los sentimientos, que de una manera u otra, se arraigan en nuestros corazones.

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