Dear Garden Diary,

It’s time to share some thoughts on my summer gardening activities. The birds are making nests everywhere, and my backyard seems to be prime real estate. A little Titmouse (a type of bird) took up residence in my gated Shakespearean-themed garden. She likes to dive-bomb me when I water the flowers. On the north side of the property a family of Robins has moved into the two-story birdhouse, and they have a renter on the roof: a spider.

My new shade garden is really picking up. I had an area of yard that had some nicely established perennials and shrubs, but was really hidden from the rest of the property. So I added to it, moved a bistro table and chairs under the tree, and now it’s one of my favorite places to go. In his book Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus, author John Gray writes that men like to retreat to their “caves.” Well, women need caves too and this is mine. In fact, my cave is looking better and better every day.

My garden cave entrance is shown above.

(above) The peonies leading up to my shade garden entrance.

I set up a water system for the little Shakespearean-themed garden on the other side of my backyard, (shown above). This area has the flowers and herbs mentioned in Shakespeare’s works and other literature that I like.

Are you wondering why this sunny garden has a literature theme? So am I, but it’s very cool, believe me. Plus, giving the garden a theme creates an educational moment when my kids help me water. They learn the names of various plants and their connection to Shakespeare’s works. I bet my daughter is the only pre-schooler in the world who shouts, “Oh Wormwood, I’m dying!” when she eats something she deems “yucky.”

One side of this space is filled with herbs and the other has perennials. I weaved a Soaker hose along the top of the fence, aiming it away from the Lavender and Lamb’s Ears, (plants that like dry soil). I have to admit that I felt like a garden genius after that idea.

Do you love to garden? I’d like to hear about it! Send me a comment.

By Loren Christie

Loren is a Columnist and blogger for MamaZina. She is a mom of three who lives in New York.

One Response to “Dear Garden Diary,”
  1. I love your garden and your thoughts.

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