Morning Run

I awaken with thoughts
of things to do today
I try to shut them out
but sleep will not return
I look out through the blinds
The morning star is visible
In the dark sky turning pink
I stretch on several layers
of comfortable clothing
Pull on my favorite old sneakers
Take from a drawer my MP3
Open the front door
Step out into the cold air
and stretch
I start immediately
Up a hill
And feel the exhilaration of adrenaline
Pumping through my body
Towards the top of the hill
My calves begin to burn
But no matter
The pumping music
Keeps me going
Around the block
And to the second hill
Now I feel like I can
Keep going forever
The week ahead of me
Beckons with hope
It feels great to be alive
Then around the last bend
Where I start to slow down
Just in time,
I think,
My body can’t take much more
And home again
To the smell of
Freshly brewed coffee.

This poem appears in the new book “Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners”, 2010.  Poem owned by author.  Tonight I almost ran into a deer while running…my next poem might be called “Evening Run”.

Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller

The Divine Gift of Motherhood

2 Responses to “Morning Run”
  1. joyrose says:

    Love this descriptive of ‘poetry in motion’.

    Come to think of it, a good run, or walk would be good for me too…. Gotta get out from behind this desk!

  2. loren75 says:

    I’ve said this before Elizabeth, but again, really well done! The shape of the verses look like hills. Maybe you can use the deer experience in the next one and call it: Competing For Road Kill Status. Just Kidding. Evening Run sounds much better. 🙂

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