My Little Big Day

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me. Last year on this day my husband threw me a 50th surprise party. Such planning and work! This year will be low key. And that’s just fine with me. With all the topsy-turvyness of the past months regarding my parents’ move into assisted living, I simply want peace and quiet for this birthday. I want my big day to be a little day, an ordinary day with simple pleasures. Visiting my folks, maybe hitting some yard sales followed by lunch out, of course. These hands will not touch dirty dishes or laundry today.

In the evening my Four Horsemen will join my husband and I at another restaurant, and they will give me presents and cards extolling my momly virtues. “Oh, you’re just the best…I love you so.” And they’ll mean it, but the next day all bets will be off when I ask one of them to do some little chore. Amazing what you learn when you’ve been around the block 51 times!

Although they drive me nuts, I do love the little darlings. And I so enjoy reading their heartfelt sentiments; I’ve saved every card for the past thirtysomething years in which I’ve been a mom. For many years one son always signed his last name to his cards to me. What did he think? That I had another son named Frank hiding somewhere? Funny memory. One of a million. A good life – a very good life.

One Response to “My Little Big Day”
  1. joyrose says:

    Happy Birthday Beautiful Woman and many more…!

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