Children Of Divorce

This article by Annette Fuller addresses divorced parents and the difficulties they and their children face – I wanted to share it with you! I’ve always that although divorce is a terrible option for families when children are involved, but  it IS possible to be human and decent about it. As a divorced mother of four who has spent Christmas away from her children for the last 9 years, I’ve found ways to make up for it in other traditions we share, both before they leave for their annual holiday in Jamaica with their father and during ‘our’ special events like Thanksgiving. Life, love and relationship are hard enough without turning whatever vestiges of love couples once shared into barbs of hate. It takes a real ‘grownup’ to make the world better for our children. Love and Blessings this Holiday Season. ~ Joy Rose

For divorced parents, kids holidays a tough time

WINSTON-SALEMN.C. — Sandy Meeks was divorced seven years ago, but she can still remember the painful Christmas soon after her split from her husband. Their two daughters, 3 and 4 at the time, had to share the holidays with both mom and dad.

“He rang the doorbell at my grandmother’s house, and his new wife was with him. They brought the girls in, and it was all very awkward,” she said.

But as time passed, the negative emotions waned away, and today, Meeks and her ex-husband have a good relationship. MORE


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