MamaBlogger365 – “Il Battito del Cuore Nostro”, by Flavia Testa

One Common Thread Joins Humanity-Timeless and eternal. Motherhood remodeled, retouched or redefined, ancient or  modern ,has always been the conquest of the human heart.

In life and in death mothers are forever.

“Il Battito del Cuore Nostro”

by Flavia Testa

Pen & Ink

In Loving Memory of Graziella who came and went through the sands of time and who I met only for a brief moment that changed our lives forever.

BIO: Born in Tehran, Iran Flavia Testa was a foundling of the Iranian Revolution. Her parents were diplomats for the UN. She has lived all over the world and has brought three masterpieces into the world her children, Naiobi, Linus & Uriah. She has done everything with her children, for her children and will continue to as long as possible. She believes that everything people do can be done with children especially

Her art is interdisciplinary but always done with heart and mind.

Flavia 2011


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