MamaBlogger365 – ‘Student Mom’ by Kaitlyn Dalpini

My journey of motherhood is unique.

But then again, every journey of motherhood is unique to a woman and her children.

I am a mother of a beautiful 9 month old girl, but I’m also a student.  I split my days between attending college classes and changing diapers, teaching my daughter how to use a sippy cup and studying for exams.  I face a lot of judgment daily because I’m a young mom.  But I complete my classes while maintaining a 3.5GPA and I nurture an intelligent, happy girl to grow to her best potential.   I find it so challenging but rewarding every day.  I want to share the knowledge I’ve gained—the pure joy in loving and teaching an innocent little girl.

I recently performed a small portion of Lynn Kuechle’s “Motherhood Monologues” script for a class.  I think it’s something we can all relate to.  We all have a mother in our lives that we respect.  Now, for my senior project I’ve decided to create a piece on motherhood and a mother’s relationship with her daughter.  I think what’s most important to remember, and the message I’m trying to communicate, is that a mother-child relationship plays such a huge role in a child’s development.  It’s entirely overwhelming to be totally responsible for another human being.  It changes everything you ever thought about yourself.  We need to support and respect all women who choose motherhood.  It’s one of the most challenging jobs, but one of the most important that will shape our future society.

Bio:  Kaitlyn is an Independent study- production management at Gordon College, Sales associate at Learning Express. Independent study- production management at Gordon College, Stage Manager at History Alive

Education and a graduate of Gordon College, Georges Valley High. She is a ‘student’ mother and currently finishing a degree in Theatre Arts and hoping to work creatively on the technical side of theatre.
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2 Responses to “MamaBlogger365 – ‘Student Mom’ by Kaitlyn Dalpini”
  1. Kaitlyn u are awesome and so brave!

    • Karen Lane says:

      Kaitlyn, you are truly amazing. Your daughter is so beautiful and well adjusted. I commend you highly for being the Mom that you are while finishing your college degree, and being a wife. You didn’t take the “easy” way out and are being blessed for it. Keep up the great work!!!!!

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