MamaBlogger365 – Birth Stories & Traditions re: Kelli Stapleton

Kelli Stapleton saw a need. As a scientist and researcher, she observed women’s voices were noticeably absent from the birth and labor landscape. She set out to change that.

Birth Stories on Demand Presents: A weekly radio show, blog and book, found on Amazon– ‘From Woman to Mother Stories of Labor and Childbirth’, a collection of birth stories.

The book boasts a hundred firsthand accounts of natural births, medical intervention births, and surgical deliveries. You will also find some quick labor stories, emergency deliveries, and others that will make you shake your head. There are lots of normal (whatever that is) births and some crazy (you’ll know it when you hear it) births.

Kelli says “Don’t assume that your birth story is “boring” or “nothing special”. Trust me, they are all amazing and special.” So special in fact, that she’ll mentor you through writing down your own birth story for posterity.


Kelli Stapleton

Kelli goes on to say, “As women we try to balance family, children, relationships, and careers. In the 
midst of our harried lives, we never notice that there is no community of women supporting us. Long gone are the days of sewing circles. We no longer are able to spend a large 
amount of time with the older generation of women in our families. There are very few 
”women only” clubs, or social groups. How can we learn from each other when life has 
evolved to keep us apart? This book is an attempt for a community of women (mothers) to share their wisdom and experience with other women.”


She also produces a free internet radio podcast where she reads birth stories aloud and has guests come on the show to comment or share their own stories. She broadcasts out of her closet, and this just goes to show that you don’t need a big budget to change the world.

BIO: She is a wife of 13 years to her husband Matthew and mother of three children. Kelli has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Kalamazoo College and worked as a geneticist at one point. She is currently channeling her energy into documenting women’s births experiences. Find out


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