MamaBlogger365 – Tuning In by Kim Kennings

I decided to write myself a letter – a forgotten art – as a way of kickstarting myself into the new year.

Dear Me,

I’m so sorry I’ve been so out of touch. I know you know I’ve been busy, and I know you say you understand, but really, I have no excuse for having neglected you most of this past year.

I thought so many times that I wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much I appreciate your kindness and support to me all this time. I just wanted to take the opportunity now – while I’m thinking about it and focusing on YOU – to tell you exactly how much you mean to me.

I know you were there for me when I was neglecting you, putting everyone else first. Through all the late nights, when I was working hard, or the crazy days when I was running around for the family, or taking care of things at home – I know you were there, hoping for a glimmer of a moment when I would sit down with you and just be. I know you’ve waited a long time for this, and now I realize, as I sit here with my head cold and my box of tissues, that I deserve what’s coming to me…and yet, you’d never say that, not out loud anyway.

Even as I sit here trying to focus on you, I’m constantly interrupted with the phone ringing, the never-ending flow of email, and the chores around the house, the busy-work that just keeps piling up no matter how much time I dedicate to making a dent in it.

I’m very concerned with how much we are growing apart. I’m frustrated, you’re frustrated, and it’s time for us to really dedicate ourselves to taking even the smallest of steps to make it better for each other.

Let’s both of us start with being honest and up front with each other, without any guilt over sharing the reality of what’s really happening here. I neglect you, and you take it like a martyr. Let’s put a stop to that pattern, right here and right now.

Promise me that you will speak up before it gets too late, and I promise to stop and listen when you do.

Promise me that you will come forth with a positive attitude, and I promise to respond with solutions.

Promise me that you won’t give up on me, and I promise to make sure that I will work really hard to take care of me first, as I know that’s the best way to make sure I can be here over the long term to help others as well.

Let’s make this the year where we forgive each other and build on what we have. I know we can do it!

Much love,


Kim Jennings


Kim Jennings

BIO: Kim spent her first couple of years as a “singer/songwriter” performing – under her maiden name, Kim Flynn – at open mike nights in coffeehouses and bars near her hometown in the suburbs of Boston. And then, life happened: marriage, house hunting, and motherhood. After a few years away from music, Kim found that she couldn’t push the muse away. Writing new songs as fast as her hands can keep up, Kim just finished her debut full-length CD, My Own True North on December 1, 2009.



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