MamaBlogger365 – Slices Of Life & Love, by Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller

Valentine’s Day 1991. I was lifeguarding during the evening swim hours at a local public school with a couple of my guy friends.  They sent me out to buy a pizza at a fancy Italian restaurant that just happened to have a good deal on takeout pizzas.  Waiting for my pizza in the lobby, I watched couple after couple come in and sit down at a cozy table for two.

I’ll never meet anybody worth spending time on, I thought.  Maybe I am supposed to be a nun. Such hopelessness from a usually-optimistic 18-year-old !

Valentine’s Day 1992. After dinner with my first boyfriend, he says to me, “I love you.”  Other than my Daddy, he was the first man to ever speak those words to me.  Taught not to ever take or speak those words lightly, I said, “Thank you.”

I don’t remember when I finally said it back to him, but it was after much long consideration.  Once we both knew we were meant for each other, we didn’t wait long to marry.  We tied the knot on July 23, 1993.

Valentine’s Day 2011. He’s working, and I’m taking the girls to their evening travel softball practices.  There are homemade paper valentines and chocolates on the table for our four little valentines.  There are no candles in the house.  A left-over manicotti casserole is defrosting on the kitchen counter.

There will likely be valentines and small gifts exchanged later…but it’s all just icing on the cake of life.  Every day is Valentine’s Day when there is love in a family.

By: Elizabeth Kathryn Gerold-Miller, is a write-at-home-mom-of-four: The Divine Gift of Motherhood


It’s wonderful when stories of love and family togetherness reflect our shared experiences as Mothers. Elizabeth is one of the ‘lucky’ ones. So many stories are filled with pain, disappointment, addiction or struggling to reframe the individual within the role of (M)other. While it’s important to strive towards ‘happiness’ in all things, the only way we ultimately get there is by recognizing our difficulties. ”Weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning”. (Psalms 30:5). It’s the context that often frames our peaks and valleys. We always need to embrace and recognize those less fortunate, and reach out with compassionate hearts to everyone we meet. Read some of the more challenging stories at M.O.M. and share your story today! MamaBlogger365 – Raising awareness and funds for the Museum Of Motherhood. (Thanks CH for the cute Max In Love Pic :-) JR

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