MamaBlogger365 – Writing Motherhood, by Jennifer Flaten

How exactly does a mother of three end up a writer?  Well, I entered a contest and won!

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel ran a contest-the prize was the opportunity to write a monthly column.  It is amazing that I won because normally I dont a)read that section of the paper b) enter contests.

Something about that contest intrigued me.  I snapped off my two sample columns.  I was nervous about being judged, feared what they would think of my writing.  Yet, I sent my samples off.  It must be the whole animous attitude of email.

Imagine my suprise when they called to tell me I had won.  In fact, I had given up on them, the month they were supposed to announce the winners came and went.  I was getting miffed that they hadn’t sent an email informing us the contest was closed.

So then I found myself writing and getting paid-a small amount, but still….I was loving it.  Then I thought HEY -if the paper will pay me to write maybe someone else will too.

So far, I have had some success.  I have written an article for a medical website.  I also have three articles pending with another website.

I love the whole process.  I love getting the topic and I love researching-yeah I know GEEKY.  The part where I actually sit down and write…well that can be tricky.  Sometimes I get interrupted-alot.  The worst is having the kids reading over my shoulder.

Like other aspiring writers, I have to squeeze writing in between everything else I do.  Because maintaining the house and herding the kids isn’t enough excitement (kidding) I work at an audio visual company two days a week.

The kids are a huge encouragement (no really) they love that I have my picture and articles in the paper.  When I show them a website where my work is they get all excited.  They are just starting to read, so it is cool to hear them sounding out words that I wrote…okay maybe not so cool, if they are reading what I am writing as I am writing it.  Very hard to keep your train of thought.

Writing is easy now that is winter, how I am going to keep up with writing in summer.  I love the outside and so do the kids.  I have my eye on a laptop…we’ll see.

BIO: Jennifer Flaten is a Wisconsin based writer with three small children who understands the delicate balance between home and work. She knows having a healthy, happy family is a priority, and with that in mind, she has a special interest in health, family and technology. Her works have been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and at various online journals.

MamaBlogger 365 is ‘reframing motherhood’, engaging bloggers, (m)others, feminists, business-women, activists, artists and everyday gals in discussions about contemporary motherhood, with a twist. How do mothers maintain their health, balance and sanity? What are the issues facing mothers today? When work and home collide, how do people find ways to nurture themselves and stay strong? This is not your mother’s mother’s blog. We’re ‘waking up motherhood’, and opening to our highest awareness. We are not selling you stuff away and we’re not using you as a marketing ploy – We’re sharing heart and soul -information and encouragement, to assist you in our authentic, passionate and empowered journey! Thank you for helping us raise awareness about the Museum Of Motherhood, and if you’d like to contribute a blog send your story about ‘reframing motherhood’ to:


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