MamaBlogger365 – Be Art by Suzi Banks Baum

be art© all rights reserved by Suzi Banks Baum

You know I am a Mom, right? I have 2 teenagers and live in Western Massachusetts with my husband. I started my professional career as an actor, but since becoming a Mother, my compass has swung to true north. While mothering, I make art. The boundaries are blurry, which is art and which is mothering. I am writing a book about seeing and celebrating the sacred in daily life.  I blog about mothering and art This kind of living totally turns my light on. I make mixed media collages, artist books and other creations. My “Fe-Mail” postcards track my journey, internal and external. They are just like the cards you buy at a tourist trap; only my postcards are intensely personal.

See full exhibit at our museum website: Motherhood Museum or our Museum {BLOG}.

2 Responses to “MamaBlogger365 – Be Art by Suzi Banks Baum”
  1. Kathy says:

    Hi Suzi! I love Fe-Mail art, your blog, and everything about you! 🙂
    Happy to see you featured here…

  2. Dear Kathy! All the way from the U.P., I am so glad you stopped in. Have you browsed around this site? There are some really thought provoking blogs from many different perspectives of motherhood. I am thrilled you got to see our work here. Tons of love and promises of snowdrops blooming! Suzi

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