A Feminist Icon Passes – Sara Ruddick Deserves Our Acknowledgement

The idea of maternal thinking helped us to figure out how women have different kinds and amounts of mother knowledge, allowed us to seriously grasp that men can be as capable of nurturing care of children as are women, and, importantly, provided a framework for giving women the credit they have more than earned for the training and disciplined practice they undergo as mothers and for the difficult and daily work that this implies.  She also argued that the influence between mothers and children is not unilateral, transferring from the mother to the child, but that the influence is reciprocal.  That the mother changes in interaction with the child, that the mother becomes a differently thinking, acting person through mothering.  That the kind of thinking and acting that emerges from mother knowledge is antithetical to war and violence, and that therefore mothers have much to teach the broader social world about living in peace. Read More About Sara Ruddick at Museum Of Motherhood {BLOG}.

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