MamaBlogger365 – Magnificent Regions of the Heart with FeMail by Suzi Banks Baum and Karen Arp-Sandel

FeMail explores the magnificent regions of the heart, through the steady current of correspondence.

Poetry is the language of the Soul. Since April is National Poetry Month, we at FeMail thought we’d share with you some of our postcards adorned with poetry. Karen and I love wordplay and the imagistic inspirations that suffuse our art through poetry. We also use quotes as jet-streamed soul messages.

With this card, from the first year of our collaboration, I edged a torn paper composition with words by Stephen C. Paul. The conversation I have with myself as I create, especially using this technique that frees my hands from scissors, allows a freedom that I enjoy. It is just my glue stick and I composing with color. There in the center is a tiny painting of a woman’s hip. I am fascinated with the female form, with the curves that draw the eye towards a focal point. The reverse side is a composition using an image of a bowl of berries, gessoed over and a packing tape transfer title. In those days I was writing more, mixing my family and art life with stronger proportions of art. My journey as a full time Mother and Artist calls for stalwart discipline and a constant eye for what is playful in everything I do. This inner conversation has yielded my upcoming book, Laundry Line Divine: A Wild Soul Book for Women.

Mixing Sacred and Creative, front; © Suzi Banks Baum, All Rights Reserved.

View this week’s complete exhibit at the Museum Of Motherhood blog.

Come to to view an online gallery and discussion of the mail art collaboration between Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum. You can also see more about this exhibit at

MamaBlogger365 needs you! Tell us how you’re re-framing motherhood and help the Museum of Motherhood secure a permanent home in 2011!


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