MamaBlogger365 – My Mother Never Wore a Hat Like That! by Shira Adler, Diva Mama

Is there anyone who wasn’t captivated by the Royal Wedding? And who among us didn’t have admiration for the fantastic Dr. Seuss-inspired chapeaus that paraded along the red carpet and into Westminster Abbey? But my greatest appreciation was reserved for the die-hard fans of the Royal fanfare (you know who who you are). These revelers chose to wake pre-dawn and dress up with tiaras and fuzzy slippers in order to bear sacred witness to this real life fairy-tale. For these purists, letting the DVR capture the magic was not good enough.

Truly, I respect anyone who has this kind of passion and dedication, such as the mom I met at my son’s chess tournament this weekend. As a few of us gathered at a table for idle chit chat and introductions, only she sat with a purpose, religiously cutting out coupons, inserting them into meticulously neat plastic baseball card sheets collected in a 3-ring binder. This domestic multitasking guru called it her organizing book. I felt I was looking at a way more hip reincarnation of June Cleaver.

But hey, I do my part by signing up for web discount services such as Groupon. And Barnes and Noble sends me more email than my own mother. If nothing else, I’m being Eco-conscious and saving some trees! Woot-woot!!

Ok, so I’m not exactly known as Ms. Nature, and my thumbs are only green when I let my daughter pick a favorite neon shade on my behalf. But I admit, I looked into getting worms for my kids to begin their own small backyard composting project, something I learned about at the recent Westchester County Awaken Wellness Fair. The worm appeal is real, albeit slightly disgusting, because it seems fairly easy to manage AND suitable to satisfy both my daughter’s interest in nature and her younger brother’s insatiable curiosity for all things gross and slimy.

As I contemplate how many banana peels it will take for these slithery dudes to transform into something more useful than landfill, my new heroine across the table whips out her laptop. Curiosity piqued, I asked her what she was doing, and lo and behold, I learned two things: some people have the innate knack for filling their time productively no matter what their situation or circumstance AND that she was a kindred spirit — another MOM BLOGGER from my area!

It was with sheer joy and delight that we discovered this shared passion and purpose. I am thrilled to give her a shout out here for her blog: Momof6 but also, to send my thanks for reminding me of something essential.

There are many forms of Diva, as evidenced by Posh Spice and her gravity-defying headpiece. A true Diva is any woman who honors, celebrates and attunes her essence and sense of self in whatever that looks like.

This is what we each have in common. When we remain connected and aligned with our inner-Diva, the part of us that knows who we are, what we’re good at and what makes us happy, we are empowered and attuned.

Whether it’s schlepping our kids to chess tournaments, creating Haitian tented cities’ health care systems (like my dear friend Danielle Butin does with her organization Afya Foundation) or composting with worms, we are all making a difference and doing it with joy and passion. This is powerful — this is the essence of DIVA!

And we don’t need to wear fancy hats and attend royal weddings to get there.

P.S. – Want to find out more about being a D.I.V.A.? For those of you in the Westchester/ Manhattan NY area — check out my upcoming programs in honor of Mother’s Day. For more information, visit my website homepage:

BIO: By day Shira Adler is a cantor, spiritual vocalist, certified pastlife regressionist, voice-over artist, producer, performer, writer/blogger and mompreneur and by night… well, she is actually the same person at night though she does admit to wearing fuzzy socks when no one can see her and hiding a secret stash of Mallomars somewhere near her writing desk for those late night pick-me-ups. In, around, and between her various work activities, she is raising two beyond-the-spectrum children as a single mom (though lovingly gives a shout out to her best friend, editor and soulmate whom she considers the bees knees). Is it any wonder her website’s tag line is One Voice Many Paths? Seriously, look up the definition of a multi-tasking Mama and you will find her picture there. But when it comes to living a life of connection, faith and consciousness Shira is the gal to call — or if you’re fresh out of Mallomars — she’s always happy to give you one. For more information visit:, read her blog at; Social: Twitter (1DivaMama), Facebook (DivaMama1), Tumblr (not really sure, but the name is cute) and LinkedIn (because doesn’t everyone?).

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Photo credit: lightfoot|MorgueFile


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