MamaBlogger365 – Oh My Goddess, FeMail Online Art Exhibit by Suzi Banks Baum and Karen Arp-Sandel

FeMail closes our on-line exhibit on M.O.M. invoking the Divine Feminine in all of us.

Over these past ten Tuesdays, Karen and I have shared with you some of the themes that run through the mail art that comprises FeMail. Our sisterhood chronicled in these postal cards made over the last four years traces our mothering and our friendship, our love of art making, and our fascination with pop culture. There are threads of inspiration, poetry and icons that we have imbued with spiritual meaning through the medium of these hand made and at times, rustic, small artworks that get handled by the United States Postal Service.

We have attempted to re-frame motherhood by parsing out what motivates us to share and support each other in this unique way. With the barest of art supplies, we cobble together missives while in the midst of our busy lives as mothers, partners, caregivers and breadwinners.

Judy In July; image © Suzi Banks Baum, All Rights Reserved.

View this week’s complete exhibit at the Museum Of Motherhood blog.

Come to to view an online gallery and discussion of the mail art collaboration between Karen Arp-Sandel and Suzi Banks Baum. You can also see more about this exhibit at

MamaBlogger365 needs you! Tell us how you’re re-framing motherhood and help the Museum of Motherhood secure a permanent home in 2011!


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