MamaBlogger365 – Baby Steps (book review) by Amy Andrews

Making the transition from at-home mom to working mom is a common experience. And while it can be helpful to know that lots of other moms have done and are doing it, it can still be an overwhelming experience.

In her book Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career, therapist Diane Lang, M.A., uses a warm, chatty style to offer busy moms tools for re-entering the workforce. Lang draws on her own experience and clinical work to develop a broadly inclusive outlook that offers options and patient, constructive guidance. Baby Steps: The Path from Motherhood to Career encompasses the myriad issues moms are likely to face with exploring their options with regard to returning to work from full-time motherhood.

She is gently acknowledging of the possible pitfalls, like guilt due to distressed spouses and kids concerned about the change in routine, providing real solutions to address spousal, child, and even moms’ own concerns. She also assists moms in acknowledging the struggle between wanting to work and realizing it may mean no significant increase in family income due to the costs of daycare. Lang is staunchly supportive of the need and right of moms to feel personally and professionally fulfilled in order to be the best mom possible.

With chapters divided into short sections with pithy headings, the book’s a convenient resource for cover-to-cover reading or piecemeal reference as needed on a particular topic. Lang provides suggestions about where to look for jobs and networking. Checklists, questions to consider, practice interview questions and comments from real moms who have been there and done that round out Lang’s advice. The book also includes sample resumes, cover letters and thank you notes to get readers started on navigating the transition from home to work.

Baby Steps: the Path from Motherhood to Career (Bent Tree Press, 2007)

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