MamaBlogger365 – Still A MAY ZING 2011 by Amy Simon

Three Shows, Three Days, Two Cities, Three Venues – No Roadies

Amy Simon’s been kind enough to share her May journal entries with us – the travel! the shows! Mama Expo! and more! Want to find out more about her work? Visit and watch for part three next Sunday! (Missed part one? Click here!)

Tuesday, May 24th
Wake up all excited. SO excited. Shower, Pilates, forced some breakfast down and grab the suitcases, a latte, a cab and am on my way to Marymount Manhattan College on East 71st Street. It is almost 10AM and my cell rings. It is 7:00AM in L.A., and it is the 18-year old.

“Mom? I did not sleep – my throat hurts and I’m gonna kill the cat”.

She goes on for a while – I am not focusing as we are nearing the destination. “Honey, I can’t talk. Gargle with salt and warm water, make the ginger lemon honey drink. Feel better.”

I feel guilty as I pay the $10 fare. The helpful young gals at the reception desk have my badge and conference bag and I ask them if they know who the first woman to run for President was. As usual, no one knows – Geraldine Ferraro’s name is offered and I tell them a bit about the show and am escorted up to the room where I will be presenting.

It is a beautiful room. There is Joy Rose and six or so other women sitting in a circle. Their session before mine is still going on and it is the discussion of the ongoing activities and future of The Museum Of Motherhood.

“Come join us,” Joy invites me and I can hardly focus on what is a really interesting conversation about the goals and identity and branding of this fabulous museum. All I can think of is how long it will take me to set up the room. The session ends and I swing into action – setting up the projector, the laptop – the speakers… unpacking the suitcase and setting up the props and costumes.

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Anna Fishbeyn, Elena Skoko and Amy Simon

About Amy Simon and She’s History: Using theater, history, multi-media, lots of audience interaction, treats, and good old-fashioned story telling, She’s History! is chock full of stories, scenes and revelations; true tales of fabulous females, then and now. Going back and forth from the past to the present, poignantly and comically (her trademark) our Modern Mom, Amy Simon, finds the funny as she struggles with raising girls in today’s challenging world. Visit She’ to learn more!

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