MamaBlogger365 – Mommy Fail Moments by Kelli Stapleton

I remember distinctly being at the beach with my 10-month-old daughter. I was spreading out the blanket and organizing our little beach space when I looked up and saw her reaching for a very small, but definitely dead, fish. Now, let me remind you that at 10 months old, babies like to put things in their mouth. And by “things” I mean EVERYTHING. My daughter was no exception. I watched in horror as she grasped the fish and with lightening fast speed, had it in her mouth.


I ran to her but she had already spit out the fish. That didn’t stop me from rinsing out her mouth with a bottle of water. Poor baby, it must have felt like water boarding but she had a DEAD FISH IN HER MOUTH!!

We are each unique, just like everyone else. So I figured I wasn’t the only mom to have a mommy fail moment. So I approached the mommy communities on my Facebook pages and posed the question: What was the worst thing you found in your baby’s mouth? Below is the list for your reading horror:

Live spider
Unused tampon
Pebbles from the beach
Wet, meaty cat food
Part of a pop-up book
Live cricket
Rubber band
Organic dog food
Dog poo
Silica gel pack
Placenta from a younger sibling’s home birth
Cat poo
Wood louse
Poo with straw/hay in it
Safety pin
Unknown animal poop from the park
Half of a slug
Huge locust
Human poo
Twix wrapper
Large piece of confetti
Rectal thermometer after use
Live minnow
Entire tube of lip balm
Sick goldfish from a pond
One of mom’s “special” toys
Entire tube of lubricant
Moth ball
Already chewed gum
Balloon fragment
Toilet water-dipped Oreos
Half a cock roach
Hands…right after a dunk in an unflushed toilet
Gum from an unknown source

Please tune in for my next blog submission, the first Wednesday of August, where I share with you a list of the worst things found in a baby’s diaper…

Bio: Kelli Stapleton, | Proudly sharing birth stories to provide education and entertainment for everyone

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Photo credit: The Appeal of Dirty by Tangle_eye

2 Responses to “MamaBlogger365 – Mommy Fail Moments by Kelli Stapleton”
  1. Very funny, I’ve had plenty of those moments myself. 🙂

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