MamaBlogger365 – Dramatic and Magnificent by Jennifer Flaten

Even though I am a writer, I could never could get in the habit of keeping a journal.

As a kid, I had the standard issue diary with the little lock. More often than not, I lost the key or the journal or simply decided I had nothing interesting to write about.

As I grew into an adult, every once in awhile, lured by the gorgeous covers of the blank journals, I would buy one and promise myself I would start writing in it.

For the first couple of days I would jot things down but soon it was longer and longer between entries.

I think at the time I felt self-conscious writing about what I perceived as a very dull life. I thought, if I don’t have anything momentous or dramatic, what is the point of writing?

For years, all those beautiful journals lay empty in drawers. Then I discovered I was pregnant with twins.

This, I thought, is something worth journaling. I started writing in my journal — faithfully after every appointment, and even though I had the least dramatic twin pregnancy ever, I still wrote.

After my girls were born, I gave up on journaling again. While the girls’ baby book is mostly blank (and don’t get me started on my poor son who is grossly underrepresented in words and pictures) I didn’t give up writing completely.

No, wrote about the girls’ progress in emails to friends and family. Through these notes, I learned how much I enjoyed writing.

I wrote about milestones big and small and I wrote about funny or maddening things they said and did. Never once did I question whether it was “worthy” of being written.

Some days, I still find myself, as a writer, held back by the feeling that what I have to say isn’t dramatic or magnificent enough, that I shouldn’t bother writing that story. When that happens I try and even sometimes succeed in convincing myself to write the story down and not worry about whether it is “worthy”.

Bio: Jennifer Flaten is a Wisconsin-based writer with three small children who understands the delicate balance between home and work. She knows having a healthy, happy family is a priority, and with that in mind, she has a special interest in health, family and technology. Her works have been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and at various online journals.

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Photo credit: Notepad by Anna Cervova

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