School Days Begin Again

Here it is the end of July and school will be starting up in two weeks. This past week our oldest daughter went off to girl scout camp. Light one child is always a vacation for mom and dad; however, it didn’t last long because we picked up a spare. My niece flew down and will be staying until August 3rd.

Then August 4th and 5th we have the schools’ open houses. School starts on Monday the 8th. This school year will mark a milestone for both girls. My Little One is in the 5th grade and will be moving up to middle school at the end of the year. My oldest is entering 8th grade, and we will have a high school freshman at the end of the school year.

Since everyone else is still enjoying the sounds and smells of summer, check out the Monsoon Issue at Frog Croon. Arizona has seen a couple big haboobs (dust storms) this monsoon season. They are a spectacular sight as long as you are not driving through one. I am off to enjoy the last waning days of summer.


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