MamaBlogger365 – Mommy Fail Moments, Continued by Kelli Stapleton

We all have them, those mommy fail moments. We look away for a split second, blink, or sleep and disaster strikes. Hopefully we can laugh at ourselves and move on. Inviting others to laugh at our moments unites us in the sisterhood of mothering.

You may remember last month’s blog submission regarding mommy fail moments where I compiled a list of the worst items found in your baby’s mouth. Well, as promised I have a list of the worst items found in your baby’s diaper. Read with extreme caution:

Fluorescent green poo. Maybe from fruit snacks?
A strand of mom’s hair
Crayon bits
Lego man’s head
Chocolate wrapper
Partially digested Dora sticker
“Yarn from my son’s raggedy Andy and his lion. It was soooo disgusting because it kept coming out of his bottom as I cleaned him up.”
A hair clip
Made in china sticker (she most certainly was not)
Watermelon seeds
Princess sticker
My sister found a polly pocket doll in her son’s diaper
77 cents worth of change
Bead off of a necklace
Two pacifiers (the back story is, we were trying to break my daughter off of her paci and so she got smart and would steal her little brother’s and stick them in her diaper so we couldn’t find them or she would hide them in her closest, when could never figure out how she keep getting pacifiers, lol)
Whole blueberries
Large button
“The day before, my son had eaten purple grapes, and dh was changing his diaper; he though baby had eaten a black plastic bag and was distressed until I could explain it to him!”
A raisin. My son was only two months old. His two year old brother “shared” the day before.
A bead
Tin foil
“Sand from the beach… when we had gone two weeks before.”
A piece of yard from her blankie
“My nephew put several slugs in his diaper to ‘keep them safe’. Needless to say when the diaper was opened we all screamed….lol”
Blue poo from superman ice cream
4 pebbles
A whole piece of corn
Button from pajamas
“And live tapeworm. And I had to finish pulling it out.”

Parenting is an adventure. Enjoy it with love and laughter!

Kelli Stapleton

Kelli Stapleton is the producer and host of the radio show/podcast “Birth Stories on Demand” as well as the owner of the website and author of the companion book. Normally she does not collect gross out lists. She normally collects stories of women’s birth experiences; natural, medical intervention, c-section, quick entrance…in other words, all birth stories.

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Photo credit: “Magdalenas toes 1” by e_v_e_l_i_n_e

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