MamaBlogger365 – Why Do We Need a Rainy Day to Relax? by Jennifer Covello

Jennifer Covello

The other day, I awoke to the pitter-patter of raindrops on my window. What a lovely sound, I thought. There’s something about being tucked in under your covers, hearing stormy weather outside, knowing that you are safe and sound inside.

My first thought was, “I don’t have to water my grass today!” My second thought was, “Now I can have a relaxing day.” I’m not sure about you, but during the summer months, if it’s a nice day, I feel the need to be doing something. As a busy mom of two children and a mompreneur, there’s always something to do, right? But if the weather outside is less than perfect, somehow, I feel ok about giving myself permission to slow down and enjoy the day.

So on this particular day with rain clouds covering the sky, there was no garden to tend to, no children to taxi about, and no real “to-do’s”. I was being given the gift of a day off. I stayed indoors and tended to small house projects, did typical chores like laundry, and watched a little guilty-pleasure television. Ahhh…

When the day was over and I felt somewhat rejuvenated, I had to ask myself why I needed a rainy day in order to treat myself to a bit of R&R. Wouldn’t it have made more sense to relax on a beautiful sunny summer day? The only answer I could come up with was this. When it’s raining, somehow I don’t feel guilty about staying indoors and doing nothing. But when it’s sunny, I feel like if I don’t take advantage of it, it’ll be gone.

As women, we rarely give ourselves permission to “take the day off”, whether it’s raining or not. And when we do, we nearly always feel guilty about it, as if we don’t deserve it. But here’s the kicker. Taking time for ourselves should not be considered a ‘nice to have’, but a ‘must-have’.

So, I challenge you as well as myself. Don’t wait for a rainy day to take the day off. Be bold! Seize the next sunny day and enjoy it!

Bio: Jennifer Covello is the owner and founder of Frittabello, LLC, a baby gift business. Ms. Covello has authored and published an award-winning baby journal, “My Life” and a children’s book, “Frittabello and his Angel.” Her products can be purchased online or in various upscale retailers in Fairfield County, CT. Ms. Covello created and sponsors Bumps, Babies & Beyond baby expo.

To fulfill her mission to help moms, Jennifer offers “Put Your Love on Paper” baby journaling workshops for parents to start and finish their baby journals, recently featured on Better CT. Additionally, she facilitates “Moms to Mompreneurs” workshops which assist moms who want to start a business.

Jennifer is a frequent contributor to various online magazines including “Natural Nutmeg” and “Tots to Teens”. She was also a contributing author to “Moms to Motherhood”, a Gratitude Project book and a mommy blogger for Working Woman Magazine.

She has been featured on local and regional radio and TV programs for her insights about her journey from corporate to mompreneur as a single, full-time working parent.

Jennifer is a native of Long Island, New York and had a corporate career in IT and Marketing. She is active in her local school system, having served on numerous committees focusing on the improvement of special education services. She holds a B.S. degree in Management Information Systems from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and an M.B.A. in Marketing Management from Pace University, New York.

Jennifer resides in Norwalk, CT with her two children.

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