MamaBlogger365 – Just a Minute by Jennifer Flaten

Can I get a minute? Just one tiny minute to jot down this idea for a story or an article.

I promise I need only a second or two to write this thought down, but first I have to finish making this sandwich, find a piece of paper, clean up a spill, then grab a pen.

Wait — why am I holding this pen? I was going to write something down, but now I can’t remember.

Well, since I am standing here with this pen, I might as well write down the couple of things I need from the store….

That is typically how my day goes. If — and this is a big if — I get a free minute (one that is blessedly quiet)… actually, now that I think about it, the quiet is what I really need the most… I might get an idea out of my head and on to the paper.

Sure, I’d love to win the lottery or find a way to bring about world peace but what I really, really want is a quiet minute where I can hear my own thoughts.

For just a minute, I want to block out the demands for something, the questions about where something is, and the cries of someone who thinks someone else wronged them.

I want just my thoughts.

If I had those then I might be able, when an idea or turn of phrase hits me, to jot it down, and at some point I could do more with that little idea, but like sharks sensing blood in the water, the kids interrupt me.

I can spend 25 minutes fooling around on the computer checking emails, paying bills, or just drifting along on the electronic current with nary a peep from the peanut gallery, but when I open up the word program then all hell breaks loose.

In case, you are wondering I had to hide in the closet to write this little blog entry; perhaps I will move my office in here.

Bio: Jennifer Flaten is a Wisconsin-based writer with three small children who understands the delicate balance between home and work. She knows having a healthy, happy family is a priority, and with that in mind, she has a special interest in health, family and technology. Her works have been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and at various online journals.

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Photo credit: Watch by Peter Griffin

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