MamaBlogger365 – On Motherhood and Transitions by Stacey Battat

I recently read MamaBlogger365 as I am excited to get involved in helping in my tiny way to be part of the Museum of Motherhood, opening September 1 in NYC. I was going through some of the same feelings of “passages,” true to my form, complete with intense tears and laughter!

Just as the seasons change, everything that begins also ends. I believe in embracing change in all of its elements, its struggles and beauty, by letting ourselves truly feel and experience the passages. Motherhood is a gift that has enabled me to do this with each stage of my kids’ lives. We are so fortunate as women to birth our children and become their primary nurturers and role models (especially for our daughters). My daughter is off for her freshman year in a couple of weeks. Though I’ve already sent one child to college, and have a third still at home, I have only one daughter. My daughter is a powerful, smart, beautiful woman. Yet she experiences life deeply through all of her senses and thus she is also a fragile soul. While I am thrilled for her as she goes off to explore her independence, it is jarring to contrast my contradictory feelings of sadness and joy in this life passage.

My family recently experienced our first shared loss. Following my incredible mother-in-law’s death more than 10 years ago, my father-in-law had become an integral part of our family’s daily life, and he passed on this past March. At some point when he was between life and death for more than a week, I stood holding his hand, and experienced a sense of passage earily similar to the one I experienced in birthing my children: A sense of awe and gratitude to the universe for allowing us to experience these passages with each unique human being.

I have reveled in raising my daughter to this point. While in many ways she will still need me (at least, “this I believe”), her leaving for college this month marks the beginning of her individual woman journey. I hope that my daughter will continue to turn to me for some of her womanly guidance (and chit chats about the wonder of the smallest detail of life and great clothing buys!), as I did with my mom. I plan on being open to some regular communication, but do not expect to speak with her daily as I think this actually would take away from her transition to independence.

I simply wish for her the true joy, passion, laughter and tears that I experienced as I initially staked my independence and later learned to cherish. I also hope that she maintains her sense of the roots and faith we have tried to model and instill in her, so that she will remain grounded during this monumental life passage. For these are the foundations that evoke what is most meaningful to all of us — our sense of love, humility, and awe for what is possible in this fragile world in which we live!

Bio: Stacey Battat co-founded KIWI Publishing ( with her husband, Eitan in 2005. She has been inspiring audiences as an educator and public speaker for the last 15 years. She connects with her audiences, and since her broadcast journalism years in Florida (having graduated from the University of Florida) and Israel, she has captured the passion in many people’s life stories. She won many story awards from the cable TV magazine show “Hello Jerusalem.”

Together with Joy Rose, co-founder of the Museum of Motherhood and founder of Mamazina, Stacey is about to release her ninth special edition in the Thin Thread series: Real Stories of Life-Changing Moments – Thin Threads of Moms & Grandmas. Like us on Facebook!. She has three (almost all) teenage children and currently resides with her husband and family in Woodbridge, CT.

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