MamaBlogger365 – Learning to Live: Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Elle Gallo

We attract what we ARE, not what we want. We ARE what we THINK.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

What we ARE is a culmination of the energy produced by our thoughts, the words that reflect those thoughts and actions we take. What we ARE is what we tell ourselves; what we think of ourselves, and what we tell others about us. And if we attract what we ARE and not what we want, we should pay close attention to our thoughts and words!

Exercise 1: Create a mantra/affirmation that serves you!

What DO you think of yourself? What are you telling yourself? What are you saying about your self to your friends… your co-workers, your social networks? And more importantly, what are you saying about your self to your self? If your thoughts and words aren’t in line with your wants, you’d better change your verbiage — like NOW. Thoughts are things, words give those things power. Take back your power, sisters! Create your experience by controlling your thoughts.

Did you tell your co-worker you were exhausted today? Did you hear your self think “I feel like crap”? Or are you worried about how you’re going to pay your mortgage? (Therefore thinking you don’t have enough money?) Did you say you’re sick?

Then guess what? You’re exhausted, sick, feeling like crap and broke.

Change your reality by changing your thoughts!

“I AM/FEEL_________________________!!!” Think it, doodle it on paper!!! Breathe it in. Write it on your mirror! Say it out loud… SCREAM IT from a mountaintop!!!!! Declare it and OWN it! Believe it! Feel it! BECOME IT!!

I guarantee you that if you tell yourself something long enough, you will not only believe it, you will become it.

I used to wake up with a feeling of dread. I didn’t want to begin my day; I just wanted to keep rolling back over and heading back to la-la land. About a year ago I vowed to tell myself upon waking every single day, “Good-morning, Beautiful! Today is a great day!” It didn’t matter if I didn’t remember to say it until 3 in the afternoon! As soon as I remembered, I said it. More often than not, though, I’d remember pretty quickly after waking. I’d immediately feel a lift in my emotions. The longer I did it, the bigger and longer lasting the lift was. And my day time experiences were changing.

About a month into this, I was in the in-between stage of sleep and wake; the stage where you realize that’s where you were after-the-fact, after-the-“awakening”. I caught my-self saying to my-self — note: “Good-morning, Gorgeous! Today’s gonna be a GREAT day!” I woke up shocked, surprised, and excited beyond belief! I changed what I was saying to myself! I changed the way I thought! I think it’s interesting to notice the difference in the wording. There was also a difference in the personality and the emotion that said it. Hindsight showed me that when I purposely told myself, “Good-morning, Beautiful, today is a great day!”, that there was a hopefulness in it, and it was also very sweet. But, “Good-morning, Gorgeous, today’s gonna be a GREAT day!” was said with a saucy certainty. Not surprisingly, since I’ve continued this practice daily, my daily experiences have changed substantially as well. The world is a much brighter place for me.

Exercise 2: Create a mental DVD — An easy, proactive exercise to help yourself out when you’re stuck in old patterns of unwanted thinking.

So, now we know that our thoughts produce our reality and that we have the power to change our thoughts! Here’s another way to take responsibility for what we are thinking about!

When it dawns on you that you don’t like the way you feel — and I’m not talking about long periods of sadness (although this is the first step I’d recommend to turn that around as well), but when you’re driving your car and you realize that you’re frustrated, or down, or any other emotion that isn’t “good”, YOU CAN CHANGE THAT -and I mean Right Away.

It just takes some forethought and a little bit of planning.

Schedule in a half hour for yourself this week– make this as elaborate or as convenient as you’d like. If elaborate, plan you’re time accordingly! You need a half hour for this exercise. Id’ recommend having a notebook ready.

Once your positioned comfortably… JUST BREATHE…. as a thought comes into your head, recognize it, and then JUST BREATHE ….


Do you have a memory of feeling sheer joy? Remember it fully. Every detail of the occasion. Colors, sounds, people, words. Remember it until you can feel the Joy… then stay in that place as long as you’d like.


Do you have a special place? One in which you feel peaceful and calm, content? Imagine it. All the details. colors, sounds, shapes. Imagine it until you can feel the Peace… then stay in that place as long as you’d like.

Creating Joy and Peace

Once you’re in the reflective Joy or reflective Peace state and you’re ready to move on, ask yourself “What would make me feel even more Joy/Peace than this? And imagine THAT.

Sometimes you’ll find that when you plug in your answer to the imagery, it DOESN’T bring more joy/peace, but less! So pay attention to the feelings that your imagery produces!

Repeat the CREATING step as many times as you’d like!

Now you have created mental movies that you can put in your tool box, and plug ‘em into your mind whenever it dons on you that you don’t like the way you feel. Instant Joy, and Instant Peace.

Strengthening these images produces greater results, so try to take the time to write them down, but at a minimum, remember to plug in your mental movie on your way to sleep at night. Falling asleep peaceful, content or joyful brings a more restful evening, pleasant dreams and a happier wake-up.

We attract what we ARE, not what we want. We ARE what we THINK.

Change your thoughts, change your life.

Bio: Elle Gallo is a working-like-crazy stay-at home Mom in Massachusetts. An award-winning singer/songwriter, she has opened for Travis Tritt, Grace Potter and The Nocturnals, Blondie, J Geils and many others. The founder of The Eve Rising Foundation and the executive director of The Eve Rising Music Festival, Elle also is a board member of her local Cultural Council. She is the creator of Authentic Sentiments and Bath Blessings, and coaches on-on-one, is available for group lectures or to facilitate more intensive workshops. You can read more excerpts from Learning To Live at or learn more about her music at

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