MamaBlogger365 – Female Band Invasion – the Journey, an excerpt, by Jax Resto

I awaken to sound of the bustling streets of Manhattan. Though I grew up in New York, the Bronx, to be exact, it’s been a long time since I’ve lived here. I am back on my old stomping ground, performing again, though this time not as an actor, dancer, or circus aerialist. I am a drummer in a mom rock band.

We’ve made Band of the year. I smile, happy to be here at this stage of my life, like a second round of my 20’s, most of which I spent in the circus. I’m also smiling because I know this will be my final performance with the band to which I’ve given nearly two years of my life. It’s been fun, but the benefits have stopped outweighing the sacrifices. Creatively, I need more. I’ve known that for months. I think they know it, too. I will miss one of them. The other, not so much.

Throughout our performance at Riverside Park, I’m feeling like the luckiest… and happiest person on the planet. I want to savor every moment. I do. Later, I will keep my promise to my teenage son, who has lived a lot of the band excitement… and drama along with me. So has my husband, who doubles as my roadie. That evening, per my son’s request, I giddily skip down the streets of Manhattan to celebrate the end… and the beginning.

By the time I return to my home in Florida the next evening, ideas of a new band are already brewing. But I’m spoiled now by the idea of a mom band, or at least a female one, or at least… a unique one. Just a few days ago, I was with the band of the year, shooting a talent reel for our own reality show. Now I’m starting over.

With a reality show concept formed in my mind, I begin working to create and manage the ultimate band. I start my search for “unique” band members on Craigslist and Bandmix, some days feeling like a precious commodity that everyone wants to work with; other days not so much.

Too excited to be overwhelmed, I’m hit with a flashback of my first day in the circus and the mantra that got me through the next eight years with a perpetual smile on my face. “This isn’t the real world; just a fantasy.” A slightly revised version of the same thought process will get me through the next year of pitfalls, lineup changes, temperamental guitarists — our own comedy of tragedies. And each time I will take a deep breath and tell myself, “It’s just another episode.”

Watch next month for another “episode” of Female Band Invasion—The Journey, a work-in-progress by Jax Resto!

Bio: Jax Resto is a wife, mom and business owner by day, mom rocker by night. In 2010 she performed with Band of the Year at the Mamapalooza Festival in NYC. She left the band shortly after to start her own band of rockin’ moms Female Band Invasion. But her mom rock band took an interesting turn. Visit

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