MamaBlogger365 – You Are Brave by Kim Jennings

Message one of my letter from my 95-year-old self to my current self is: Pursuing your dream takes a lot of courage. You are courageous. You are brave.

We all need to hear these words when facing something big, something scary. Even though big things rarely happen overnight, for some of us – for me – it’s a challenge to take the time to identify the big dream, when life is coming at me at a million miles an hour.

It can feel frivolous to have big dreams. How can I make time to think about my larger-than-life ideas when I just need to make it through the next week – the next day – the next whatever? I often find myself saying something dismissive of long term plans. Something like, “I’m just trying to make it through the next five minutes.” And I don’t think I’m alone in that.

How, then, can I possibly take the time to begin? First, I have to write it down. And this, in and of itself, is an act of bravery.

It one thing to admit only to yourself that you want to make a change. It is courageous to commit to the change. And I’ve personally found from experience that writing it down is the first real honest act of courage.

Then, the gremlins start, don’t they? The voices that try to drown out the dream… that tell you it can’t happen, that you’re crazy, selfish, self-centered, ridiculous, frivolous, unimportant, undeserving… the list goes on and on.

Positive self-talk is one of my best friends in times like these. I don’t care what anyone says about it being hokey. I’ve got work to do! And I need all the help I can get. I have sticky notes posted EVERYWHERE reminding me of all the things I want to do.

Here’s the set of notes I posted in my bathroom mirror when I started the Trust30 challenge:

Here’s the thing: lots of people talk about writing down goals, to-do lists, strategic plans, appointments on the calendar, and so on. This is supposed to help us remember… what to do.

A critical piece of success, in addition to actually doing things, is to sustain doing them. To persevere. To keep doing in the face of challenges… big or small. And those challenges come up. All. The. Time. Every. Day.

What keeps you going when you want to take the lists and throw them in the trash? When the gremlin voices start to suffocate your energy? When people around you seem sabotaging or unsupportive? Remember: you are courageous. You are brave.

Do it now. Find some sticky notes. Write this down. Post it on your bathroom door, on your refrigerator, your kitchen cabinet, your computer monitor, your desk drawers, your steering wheel… wherever you need them, whenever the gremlins start to appear.

Sticky note 1: Pursuing your dream takes a lot of courage.
Sticky note 2: You are courageous!
Sticky note 3: You are brave!

Bio: Sitting still has never been easy for acoustic/indie/folk singer-songwriter Kim Jennings. A singer, piano and guitar player for years, the songwriting bug only bit her in 2007. Not three years later, Kim released her debut CD “My Own True North,” co-founded the indie record label “Birch Beer Records” with fellow singer-songwriter Dan Cloutier, and launched the We Support Local Music blog along with the “I Support Local Music in Massachusetts” Facebook page.

Named to Metronome Magazine’s Top 20 Hit List for 2010, and voted Best Female Vocalist in the 2010 Worcester Music Awards, Jennings keeps a busy schedule, performing as often as she can and running her record label. Not bad, considering that in her “free time” she’s also a full-time working soccer mom.

Keep up with Kim Jennings and her musical projects at
,, and

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