MamaBlogger365 – Take a Letter… by Jennifer Flaten

Who doesn’t love a good old-fashioned handwritten letter? I know I love getting them, which is why I am thrilled that my son – a third grader – is required to write one letter a week.

The letters, nearly illegible due to his lack of interest in penmanship, come home each week in a special spiral notebook.

The letter notebook is the brainchild of my son’s teacher; she started it when she was my daughter’s second grade teacher and I think it is a wonderful idea! I love reading the letters.

While I am sure I will get a majority of the letters, they don’t have to be written to me; as I recall, my daughter got tired of writing to me and addressed a letter to her brother, her grandmother and I think one to the dog.

I am amazed at the difference in a second grade girl’s letters and a third grade boy’s. My son’s penmanship is hurried as if he is rushing (actually, I am positive he was rushing) to get the letter done so he could move off to something better (most likely recess), while my daughter used the letters to improve her handwriting and show off her cursive skills.

In my son’s haste to finish his last letter, he forgot to remove the prompt sheet from the notebook. The prompt sheet helps the kids decide what items that happened during the week are letter-worthy. I think it is a great idea; it gives the kids a jumping off point, but keeps the letters from sounding too much like a form letter.

I get a kick out of practicing my letter writing skills when I write back. I make sure to thank my son for his letter and comment specifically on things from his letter, while trying to include something interesting of my own (unfortunately I don’t have a prompt sheet).

Bio: Jennifer Flaten is a Wisconsin-based writer with three small children who understands the delicate balance between home and work. She knows having a healthy, happy family is a priority, and with that in mind, she has a special interest in health, family and technology. Her works have been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and at various online journals.

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