MamaBlogger365 – Gratitude Brings A Feeling of Peace and Well-Being by Coach Julie, RN

I love Thanksgiving because it is one of the few holidays where there are no gifts! The focus is just to spend time with people for no reason other than to enjoy their company. And eat, of course!

People often acknowledge me for my positive and upbeat attitude in life. I usually respond that this is much more fun than the alternative!

Gratitude plays a big role in your enjoyment of life. It requires certain things from you:

  • let go of your expectations for things to be different than they are,
  • stop wishing things were different or trying to control what you have no control over,
  • accept reality as it is,
  • and learn to appreciate reality as it is.

In order to be truly thankful, you must be PRESENT. Gratitude takes place in the here and NOW.

Not yesterday, not tomorrow. It happens in this moment. Which means, you have to pay attention.

How do you get to this feeling state – this place of acceptance for what is, letting go of our preconceptions or ideas about how we want things to be different than they are, allowing things to be AS they are and feeling grateful for the experience?

Can you imagine the peace that comes from being/living in that place?? It truly is a peaceful, comfortable and serene place to be because you are not pushing, willing, wishing or struggling but allowing, letting go and reveling in ‘what is’. Gratitude decreases your fear, reduces stress and helps you to embrace and accept life on life’s terms.

Because it is a feeling state, it is an ‘inside job’; in other words, it comes from within you. You have to learn how to ‘conjure up’ the emotion from inside you. People practice gratitude by using gratitude journals, which can be very helpful; however, the feeling state can be ‘conjured up’ in any moment by how you think about the world and your life.

It it a switch that you can turn on any minute you decide to let go, allow and appreciate.

Too often we waste precious time wanting and wishing people would behave in ways that we expect or envision in our mind or the world would be different somehow.

It is what it is.

Many people find that an event such as age or an illness triggers a shift that opens their hearts to gratitude. They stop fighting with the world, struggling for control of everything and just take in all that there is to enjoy in the moment.

In that moment of gratitude, you allow things, people and life to be as it is and just enjoy it. Revel in it. If something doesn’t feel right, fix it. Assert yourself and ask for what you need.

Although not easy, we can be grateful for even the worst experiences of our lives because in the end they teach us – we learn and grow through it. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Sure, it would be great if life was always peachy. But that is not how life is meant to be. It is meant to challenge us. We are meant to have lots of different experiences…

When I was 30 years old, I became very ill and spent nearly a month in the hospital – and on the floor writhing in pain. It was a horrible time of my life – and the best time of my life because it began one month after my son was born. I was so excited and so filled with love…

But I was also incredibly ill. If it were not for the highly skilled surgeons at Abington Hospital, I would not be here today. But I knew that I would be spared; that although I could have died, it was not my time. I still had things to accomplish in this lifetime and this made me very grateful – for life, for my new son and HIS health, and for the support and strength to endure the experience.

This feeling of gratitude – FOR LIFE – has never left me.

So each day I am alive and able to enjoy the gifts we are given to experience in this moment, I am grateful.

I never forget how fragile life is, how precious and how fleeting.

Thanksgiving is a time for remembering what you are grateful for but I request that you embrace this as a daily practice. Just for THIS DAY, be grateful. However humble, enjoy your work; enjoy your home; enjoy your family and all of the people with whom you come in contact. They are doing the best they know how to do. Enjoy life.

And hopefully, we will get to enjoy another day together, tomorrow. Thank you for sharing the journey with me.

To your health and happiness,

Julie Donley, RN ~ Nurturing Your Success. Build a better you. Life a happier life.

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