MamaBlogger365 – From Guatemala to Yale, a Busy Week at M.O.M. by Joy Rose

One of the most amazing weeks I’ve had so far at the museum. Monday was a Multicultural Motherhood Conference and I met so many caring and daring people: Afia, Aid For Aids, The BLK ProjeK, Jewish Heart For Africa, Clare Misquitta, Dr. Phyllis Chesler reading from her book Mothers On Trial to name a few. Thank you Marty at Food Emporium (upper East Side) for donating lunch. We talked about a $5.00 kit with simple items like a piece of plastic, a clean razor blade and a small bottle of Purel, that can save a woman and child’s life in Guatemala and Liberia.

Saving Mothers sends birth instructors, volunteers and kits do deal with the fact that 80% of Guatemalan women give birth without medical assistance or access to sterile equipment. Their next trip is early January. We’ll be putting 100 kits together at M.O.M., if you’d like to join us, or if you know a hospital that can donate up to 25 newborn swaddling blankets. Dates are TBD, call to find out more: 212.452.9816

Speaking of Liberia, how about those Nobel prize winners, the ladies three! I also spoke with Sonya Ossorio, about hosting upcoming NOW-NYC events here at the museum. It would be a real thrill for me to host the Susan B. Anthony Awards, since I was privileged to be honored in 2009.

On Thursday, thirty mothers and toddlers descended on the museum for a giant playdate. It was chaotic and fun. Sara Raff, early childhood education expert was on hand to give advice and share stories from multiple perspectives. Elizabeth Mangum-Sarach from BirthFocus offered up Doula services information as well this week during our ‘Meet The Expert’ series.

Thanks to Working Mother Magazine and Helen Jonsen for sharing a big box of mother books on everything from ‘how to’ to creativity and motherhood. We’ll be putting those up in our Andrea O’Reilly Library this week. The library is growing. If you’d like to help see this permanent library stocked with everything mother, available as a free resource to all, please consider a year-end donation at M.O.M.

Saturday, Marcia C. Inhorn, professor of Anthropology and International Affairs at Yale, brought her freshman class all the way down from New Haven to the museum. We toured, tried on the Infant Simulator vests by Realityworks, spent time engaged in meaningful dialogue in the Suffragette Sitting Room, and enjoyed the new foyer gallery installation by Amelia Gewirtz, who also sings with the band Parents With Angst.

Fran Capo, America’s Fastest Talking Mom (Guinness Book Of World Records) popped in, as did Paula Caplan, scholar and feminist writer, as well as, Jess Dobson who wanted to talk about the feasibility of bringing her Lactation Station here in the fall.

Whew, well I’ve got work to do with the holiday fundraisers for the museum fast approaching and homework left to do for my ‘Motherhood In The Mix’ class at Minnesota State University.

Looking forward to sharing more soon,

Joy Rose, Founding Director Museum Of Motherhood, President MAMAPALOOZA!

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