MamaBlogger365 – Making a List by Jennifer Flaten

MamaBlogger365 contributor Jennifer Flaten’s given up on Christmas cards, but doesn’t mind if you haven’t…

This time of year, the only writing I am doing involves lists. Either I am helping the kids write their lists to Santa or I am writing my Santa’s helper list. Not to mention all those gift tags…

That’s okay; it is fun. I love this time of year and even though our area remains without snow (and it’s raining today), I still have the Christmas spirit. I have to; I have kids. When you have kids, it’s mandatory that you have the Christmas spirit.

Although I admit sometimes, the Christmas spirit is very loud, as the kids are belting out yet another version of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on the drive to school.

While I am writing lists, the thing I am not writing is a Christmas letter or even a Christmas card. I’ve never done a Christmas letter, and I stopped sending Christmas cards a few years ago.

I know that sounds terribly Grinchy of me, but here is why:

First, it was getting to be a little expensive between the cards and the postage, and that was when I stopped sending the cards a couple of years ago. Since then, it’s only gotten more expensive.

Second, I admit that email killed my Christmas card list. I keep in regular email contact with everyone important to us. We exchange weekly or sometimes daily emails, so a Christmas letter would just tell them something they already know.

Still, even though I don’t send Christmas cards, I do enjoy receiving them.

Bio: Jennifer Flaten is a Wisconsin-based writer with three small children who understands the delicate balance between home and work. She knows having a healthy, happy family is a priority, and with that in mind, she has a special interest in health, family and technology. Her works have been published in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and at various online journals.

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