MamaBlogger365 – You Don’t Need A New Year to Make A Change by Jennifer Covello

Jennifer Covello

It’s a new year. 2012. Lots of fanfare and hype about this year. Is it true? Who knows? But no matter what, it’s a time when we all tend to reflect on the year that has just passed and decide how we want the next one to be.

I’m not one for resolutions and I typically don’t make them. I’m more of a “resolve as I go” kind of person where, throughout the year, I look at where I am at in my life journey and see where I can make course corrections to improve my life.

Where do I find this inspiration? Usually from the people around me. Are they happy? Are they fulfilled? Are they at peace? I look at my children and see where they are in their lives and ask the same questions. Are they happy? Healthy?

Setting intentions for how you want your life to be can be very grounding and clarifying, whether you do them every day, once a month, or only once a year. For example, at the start of each school year, I sit with my children and we talk about what they want to accomplish in the year ahead. My goal-oriented daughter loves this exercise, whereas my laid-back son, well, not so much. And I respect this about both of them because whatever ‘method’ they choose (or don’t) will work for them in their lives.

The other day, my daughter and I were driving home from school. We were talking about the upcoming Christmas play for which she has a small part. She mentioned that being in the play was one of her goals for the school year. She then went on to talk about some of the other goals she had made and how each of them was coming to fruition. At the young age of 10, she is seeing how important goal-setting is, but she is also recognizing that you have to take an active part not only in the goal-setting process, but in the achievement of those goals. Just hoping for them to come to be is not going to cut it.

My son had only one goal – make the basketball team. Okay, I think somewhere in there he also wanted to do well in his classes, but clearly his mind was set on this one accomplishment. For reasons that I still do not understand, this goal was not achieved. However, he did do well in his academics furthering my advice to him that having a “Plan B” is always a good idea. With that, he will be trying out for our local basketball league for which he has played for many years. It’s likely he will be placed on a team and that he gets to continue to improve his basketball skills. Net/net – he will achieve his goal of playing basketball, but just not in the way he initially imagined.

Isn’t that the case sometimes for adults too? We may have very clear and focused goals in mind, but sometimes life throws us a curve-ball and they don’t turn out the way we expected. The real lesson here is not that the goal was not achieved in the way we imagined, but in how resilient and flexible we are to accept achieving the goal in a different way. And in the end, does it really matter HOW something was achieved?

If you listen to any type of mentor or coach these days, they all tell you to visualize the end goal and not get caught up in the “how-to’s” of accomplishing it because how can we know each and every step along the way? We may think a certain path will lead us to success but even a slight deviation can either speed up the process or slow it down depending on the circumstances.

Bottom line is that we can rebound no matter what is thrown our way and isn’t that the lesson we want to teach our children? Life will throw us surprises now and then. Sometimes these will be good and sometimes not.

The key, to use an age-old phrase, is to turn those lemons into lemonade. Learn from the experience and move on. No need to wait for the beginning of a new year. Start today and set your intention to achieve the goals you set for yourself. And when they don’t turn out exactly as you thought, pick yourself up and try again.

Happy New Year!

Jennifer Covello
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Jennifer Covello, MBA, is an award-winning author and owner of Frittabello baby gifts ( Ms. Covello writes about the lessons she has learned from being a mom and mompreneur hoping to inspire other parents to pay attention to what their children are here to teach them. Her new blog, “Parenting for Purpose”, ( is a wonderful resource for parents everywhere to receive helpful tips on becoming a more purposeful parent. Ms. Covello lives in Norwalk, CT, with her two children.

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