MamaBlogger365 – A Fan Letter to My Children by Kate Fineske

I want you to know, I AM your biggest fan.

Without fail.

It may not always seem this way. But I promise you I am.

Sometimes it’s obvious.

For example… when I’m jumping up and down at your soccer game screaming, “YES!-You’ve-got-it!-That’s-it!-You’re-almost-THERE!”

Or when I’m shouting “go-Go-GO!” at the edge of the pool during a swim meet (even though it is evident you can’t hear me as you quickly glide, OR slowly struggle – it doesn’t matter! – across the water.)

Occasionally, you might feel my stalker-ish-like obsession as I am s-l-o-w-l-y sneaking by your classroom door at school. (So I can be sure to proudly catch a glimpse of you in action and maybe get a chance to throw out a subtle wave hello!)

I assure you, it’s true! I AM most definitely and without fail, your biggest fan.

I Understand It’s Not Always Obvious.

I know there are times when it might not be apparent to you.

In fact, sometimes I’m certain you most definitely don’t feel I am your ultimate fan.

Such as the times when I can’t make your sporting events because we overbooked our family schedule, or I have to work, or it’s just TOO hard to get everyone fed, bathed, dressed and in the car in enough time to make it there.

Or those days when I yell louder (than I probably should) because you haven’t picked up your dirty clothes after I had asked you One. Too. Many. Times. to please pick them up.

Maybe my “#1 Fan Status” isn’t as noticeable during those weeks when I’m personally struggling and seem a little short, because (just so you know) I am only human, and now and then my mood may fall closer to the “cranky” side of the personality scale.

But it IS true. I stand firm that I AM, by far, your ultimate fan.

Truth be Told…

I aim to be your biggest advocate 100% of the time, but sometimes (I admit) I am not always clear on how to help you.

I always want what’s best.
But I don’t always know what’s best.

I try not to worry about these times.
And I hope you don’t see all the difficulties I often occasionally have making decisions.

From time-to-time (again, just so you know), as your ultimate fan, I do try to back-up my decisions with research.

* I’ve spent hours surfing Google to explain things like: why you all of the sudden decided you didn’t want to take a bottle any more and how I could change this.
* I’ve spent countless days of mom-to-mom phone conversations, considering what’s the best decision for our family in terms of slumber parties, and sleepovers, and play dates at homes whose parents I don’t know.
* I’ve even read books galore on the topic of parenting, and mothering, and families, and discipline, and education, and whatever else I think I need to know about that affects you – the objects of my obsession.

Yet research doesn’t always give me the clearest picture. Actually, sometimes (more often than not?), investigating these things causes me to question my decisions even more. And often my research turns up multiple COMPLETELY different solutions to the same difficulties and problems I am fact-finding to solve.

So on occasion, I just follow my gut.

And, truth be told, I make mistakes.
I’ll admit this. I know this. Because – as they say – hindsight is 20/20.

But those mistakes by no means, shouldn’t suggest that I am not still your absolute greatest admirer.

Your Biggest Fan and So Much More…

In fact, I will make the claim, that one of the best fans and advocates for you to have is by far your own mother.

Because a mom is more than just a devoted, enthusiastic, supportive groupie.
A mom is far better than a fanatically, obsessive admirer.
A mom is So. Much. More.

As a mom, I want what’s best for you. Even if it means that what’s best might be harder.

As a mom, I always have you at the top of my to-do list. (As you grow up, you’ll unfortunately learn that not everyone always does.)

And as a mom, more than anything, you can always count on me to be there for you when things get hard or don’t go as planned.

And lastly, so you know (if you didn’t already), my love trumps any disappointment you may think I have in you.

Because to me, even when it doesn’t seem like it, you are my pride and my joy. And…

I am, by far, your biggest fan.

Love always,

This post has been contributed on behalf of The National Association of Mothers Centers, whose mission is to create a community of women, who through mutual support and public advocacy, explore, enrich and value the maternal experience.

The post author, Kate Fineske, currently is a staff member with the National Association of Mothers’ Centers where she maintains and provides the content to the Mothers Central Blog – the Parenting Blog of the NAMC. She is also responsible for helping the NAMC work to build stronger connections and support with the local Mothers’ Center Chapters nationally.

Kate is a longtime member of the National Association of Mothers’ Centers through her local chapter of the Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo in Ohio. She and her husband are busy raising 3 children ages 1-8. Kate’s professional background is as a graphic designer in the creative and education industry. Since 2005, she has been using her professional skills by actively volunteering with the Mothers’ Center of Greater Toledo in various leadership positions. She also blogs personally at

You can connect with Kate via Twitter (@katefineske) and/or also connect with the NAMC via twitter (@MothersCenters) or Facebook.


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