MamaBlogger365 – The Journey, an exerpt by Jax Resto

When we last heard from Jax Resto: “I imagine the possibilities of being in a band with my big brother. I’d gladly ditch the “all-female” theme for a brother/sister one….” And then she met potential bandmate Chelsea Bass… and now….

Raven texts me about doing a photo shoot this Saturday. Apparently she is also great with hair and makeup, as well as photography. “Sure,” I text back. Anything to feel like we are moving forward. Or maybe just a distraction from the fact that we are not. I stare at the blank computer screen, debating whether to get up and do something “band” or just veg in front of the TV. As if helping to make up my mind, my cell phone rings. I glance at the caller ID and my heart pauses as I recognize the name I programmed in a few days ago: Chelsea Bass.

I answer the phone with “Hi!” rather than “Hello.” She laughs and we gush in excitement over finding each other and over the project I have in mind. We plan to meet Monday at Starbucks in the Port Charlotte Mall.

Saturday, Raven and I go ahead with our scheduled photo shoot, figuring we can add other members as we go. I guess it’s a way of remaining optimistic. So, that morning, I fill a suitcase with different outfits and drive to Raven’s house in North Port. After an hour or more in hair and makeup, we are ready to shoot, but as luck would have it, my camera suddenly dies. Feeling ready for the cover of Rolling Stone, we drive to a nearby Walmart, where I purchase a new camera.

Later, back at the “studio,” Raven gives her expert opinions on how I should pose. “Don’t smile,” she tells me. “Rockers don’t smile.” I smile anyway, later glad I did when we upload the photos and Raven looks pissed and I look happy. However, though I don’t claim to be an expert photographer and the one thing Raven doesn’t claim to be expert on is modeling, she seems almost as pleased with the pictures I’ve taken of her as the ones she’s taken of me.

Satisfied with the progress we’ve made, but too tired and hungry to do anymore, I head home, happy to find the pizza my husband and son saved for me from their lunch. I wash it down with a Yeungling Porter while I excitedly tell my husband about my productive day. He smiles politely the way he usually does when I talk about anything band related.

Monday afternoon, we meet Chelsea, our bass player hopeful, at a Starbucks in the Port Charlotte mall. She is lovely. Still deserving of too-good-to-be-true status, but seemingly real enough. She must not be able to play.

We go outside to her truck where she pulls out an acoustic guitar and starts to strum “I Alone.” Raven belts out the lyrics in the mall parking lot; Chelsea singing harmony. I think, wow, we almost have a band.

We chat a while, during which Chelsea tells us she is saved… born again…. something that suddenly makes us feel like heathens. But she assures us she doesn’t judge as long as we don’t have a problem with her. To say we don’t have a problem with her is an understatement. I think she is Heaven-sent.

Oddly, at some point, she and Raven start talking about guns and shooting. Not sure how this happened and not that I haven’t enjoyed going to the range every now and then with my friend Griz. But, I pass on the invitation to go shooting on someone’s empty lot in North Port with Chelsea and her congregation… or something. Raven eagerly accepts and I wonder if I’ll ever see my singer again. Not sure why. Chelsea is absolutely lovely. Yet, my thoughts are suddenly invaded by images of Raven tied to a cross, fire burning at her feet.

“What’s so funny?” Raven asks in the car on the way back from the mall. Was I laughing? I would have thought I’d been shuddering. Flinching. “What?” she asks again.

I shake my head. “Nothing.” After a pause—“You really going shooting with them?”

Her green eyes twinkle. “Yeah, sounds like fun. You should come.” When I don’t answer, she asks again, “What’s so funny?”


Mental images or not, I’m relatively sure Raven won’t be burned at the cross or accidentally shot if she goes to the pseudo-gun range with Chelsea, a point which becomes moot the next morning when Chelsea calls to tell me she can’t be in our band after all. Upon meeting with us at the mall, she subsequently returned home to her husband and pastor, who convinced her that she can only play for Jesus. Rather than attempt to sell ourselves… or our souls to the devil—something—I simply wish her well. I know I can’t compete with Jesus.

Bio: Jax Resto is a wife, mom and business owner by day, mom rocker by night. In 2010 she performed with Band of the Year at the Mamapalooza Festival in NYC. She left the band shortly after to start her own band of rockin’ moms Female Band Invasion. But her mom rock band took an interesting turn. Visit

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