MamaBlogger365 – How Do You Envision Success in the New Year? by Coach Julie, R.N.

How would you like your life/career to be different at the end of 2012? Yes, I know the year is just getting started.

Without a direction to head, you will float and your ship will sail wherever the wind blows.

When the years go by and you say to yourself “Where has the time gone?” this means you’ve not set your course for success. You’re sailing through life without a direction.
If you consider what you might want to accomplish this year, then you can focus your efforts and take the steps required to make that vision a reality. Do this each year and you live your life on purpose, with meaning and intention.

Success doesn’t happen by chance. It needs to be actively CREATED.

And so does a great life. It, too, needs to be CREATED. What do you want to celebrate at the end of 2012?

Think of vision as a beacon that lights your way to the shore.

Then, you can create a map to getting there.

Here are the steps for achieving success in leadership and in any area of life:

  1. Strategic Vision
  2. Projects (or Goals)
  3. Plan
  4. Details
  5. Action
  6. Follow through

To learn more about these steps, read the article Leadership Strategies: A Productivity Model.

To add to the inquiry, contemplate how you want to FEEL this year.

What do I mean?

  • Well, perhaps you’d like more peace of mind, or security, and less fear.
  • Or perhaps you are interested in more joy – an increase in the ability to feel happy and be fully present in the NOW while experiencing less stress and worry about the future (or guilt/shame about the past).
  • Maybe you want to feel more confident and experience less anxiety and self-doubt in how you communicate and in the choices you make.
  • Maybe you just want more love in your life and less frustration, anger and conflict.

We all want to FEEL something – what might that be for YOU??

Again, by asking yourself these questions and taking a few moments to consider your responses, you start to focus your efforts so that you can begin to achieve these dreams and turn your vision into reality.

This is how the brain operates to support your desires and your efforts.

Once you identify something you want to achieve, your brain starts to figure out ways to bring it into being. The brain does not like incongruencies. It wants reality TO BE the fantasy and it will start processing incoming information in order for you to take the steps required to bring the incongruence into alignment.

So consider what you’d like to DO this year and how you’d like to FEEL.

Coach Julie, RN

Let me know what you come up with.
I look forward to working with you to create an AMAZING 2012!
To your health and happiness,
Julie Donley, RN ~ Nurturing Your Success® by promoting health and motivating you to be your best!



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