MamaBlogger365 – What To Do In A HERricane by Joy Rose

In today’s social media savvy world, ‘crowd sourcing’ can mean anything from toppling governments to picking a favorite brand. This week the winds of change blew through the Museum Of Motherhood as thought leaders from all walks of life collaborated for social change. Power babes from three different states met for three hours to brainstorm how every person can feel empowered to be an activist in their workplace, home and life.
Organized by social guru Donnetta Campbell, who runs The Barnyard Group out of New York City and Westport, CT, discussions leaned towards encouraging individuals to dream in the direction of a better world, while collaborating with others in positive ways.
This HERricane of brainpower included thought leaders who have leveraged their dreams to write books, ‘Mother Teresa CEO‘, the ‘Wake Up and Dream Challenge‘ by Dr. Barbara Lavi, who’s quickly tweeted her way to 7,000 followers in a matter of mere months; V.C. August, author of ‘The Healing Hour‘; Cassandra’s Angel creator Gina Otto; and Thin Threads Publisher, Stacey Battat, who creates a series of thoughtful gift books for Hallmark and Museum stores.
Also present, Jess Teutonico who organized TEDxteen, founded non-profit, working to generate sustainable initiatives in Kenya among other things; AllyKatzz founder Denise Restauri;, and filmmaker Avis Richards, who just finished a documentary exploring the effects of the National School Lunch Program in ‘Dylan’s Lunchbox‘. All of these women are committed change-makers, invested in creating a better, brighter and more empowered future for themselves and the organizations they founded.
‘Social Action powered by Social Media’ is a catch phrase with unique power in the Mom-o-sphere. I’ve asked Lucinda Cross to address this powerful new way of thinking at our upcoming Day Of Maternal Activism Conference on March 5th at the Museum Of Motherhood. (Of the many topics we’ll cover that day, is a push for the Working Mother ‘Paid Parental Leave’ petition.) When groups gather together and set a tone of cooperation and collaboration, mountains can be moved. Women who have historically been pitted against each other for the better job, the better man or the better academic position, are now in a unique position in time to turn the tables on uncooperative bosses, or socially corrupt policies.
To do this we need people like Meg Columbia Walsh, an expert at leveraging fortunes in the direction of social good, Deborah Burns, INTRApreneur expert and Laurie Meadoff, branding and startup specialist, currently CEO of actress Fran Drescher’s Cancer Schmancer, and Debra Whitefield, who holds franchises on Gymboree throughout the Manhattan and Long Island boroughs and chooses to devote some of her holdings to the Museum Of Motherhood’s non-profit goals of working with impoverished youth and mothers in need.
With governments wavering, fortune 500 companies re-evaluating the ways they do business and natural resources suffering, its truly time to give the girls a chance. This does not mean doing business they way we’ve been operating for the last hundred years or so. It means setting the bar higher, living smaller and shifting attitudes about wealth to incorporate more generous attitudes. The way we do that is one person at a time. I’m just glad I know what to do in a HERricane; hold on for the ride.
Joy Rose
Founder and Executive Director
The Museum Of Motherhood is the first and only facility of its kind, celebrating the “her”story of mothers around the world. We need your help — please make your tax-deductible contribution today!Visit the Museum of Motherhood, NOW OPEN in NYC – Tues.-Sun., 10:45-6:30.

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