MamaBlogger365 – Travel Around the World in Song with Acclaimed Multicultural Children’s Performer, Daria

And a “World of Music for Kids” poster give-away!

Have you ever wondered how kids around the world make music? If you’ve ever gotten a chance to attend one of DARIA’s popular WORLD MUSIC FOR KIDS concerts, you might be amazed at some of the really cool and unusual instruments used in cultures around the planet. Tibetan bowls that sing! A donkey’s jawbone with large tooth rattles from Afro-Peruvian culture. Middle Eastern percussion that dates back to ancient Egypt. Native American drums made from the trunks of trees! And all of it is hands-on fun for kids. Since March has been named “Music in Our Schools Month” by the National Association for Music Education, DARIA decided to create a poster that would share many of these unique instruments with moms, parents, caregivers and teachers across the country. Feel free to check out the special poster give-away below.

In the WORLD OF MUSIC FOR KIDS poster, you can seek and find 30 different instruments that include the unusual ones as well as ones that kids will recognize right away. There are guitars, tambourines, triangles and even a trash can and hub cap. The trash can and hub cap come from the time DARIA was chosen as the only woman Honda STOMP/PULSE performer and she actively used the trash can, lids and car parts to create the sound of a steel drum orchestra.

Other than the poster, where can you check out DARIA’s music? Her site won a 2009 Parents Choice award as one of the best places on the web to share music with children. The site has a great songbook, an “explore the instruments” section and a CD area where you can hear selections from her award-winning kids music CD’s. There are also easy links from the site to Daria’s store on iTunes and Amazon as well.

Want to play a bit more with music? On Daria’s main site and her Making Multicultural Music blog you can find instructions on how to make a variety of these instruments at home, such as didgeridoos, guiros, shekeres, maracas and even a homemade mbira (thumb piano) or pow-wow style drum! Like animations? You can also check out her VIMEO channel for some wonderful fun, funny kids music videos, many of which are bilingual (Spanish/English, Zulu/English, Yiddish/English, etc.).

Says Daria: “Music is a great way to teach children a pride in their heritage and a positive, optimistic curiosity about others.” Although March is officially Music In Our Schools Month, there are no limits to how music can be used at home or in the classroom any time of year. “It’s a beautiful way of not only encouraging positive, expressive play, but also building global citizens that can really get excited about the concept of world harmony!”

DARIA’s World Music For Kids website:

See, Hear, Play, Color and Make World Music Instruments Here:

Making Multicultural Music Blog (Sharing Diversity Through The Arts)


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