National Poetry Month

April is national poetry month, and as a poet, I have been writing a poem a day with napowrimo. As I’m writing this post, I have accomplished two-thirds of the prompts and have only ten more to go.  If you would like to see all the poems I have written this month, the list is here.

As a mom, I can’t exactly put my life on hold to write poetry all day.  I still need to clean the house –  dishes, laundry and bathrooms don’t disappear in April no matter how much I wish.  And there have been a few days here and there the girls have gone to school with missing lunches.  But on the whole, motherhood inspires a lot of my poetry. Like the morning Rachael told me about reading Romeo and Juliet in class.


Fair Juliet
Romeo seeks
to pluck

Your sweet cherry
His prize
Before departing

And Gretchen has her birthday in April.  I wrote two poems for the special occasion April 4th. Here is one:

The Birthday Blues

I greet my birthday in dismay
This day is greeted in dismay
Do not treat it as a holiday

Birthdays are no fun for me
I said, birthdays are no fun for me
I just want everyone to agree

There is no merriment or mirth
Why have merriment and mirth
To celebrate the day of your birth

Birthdays are no fun for me
Did you hear, no fun for me
My wish – to have it disappear

Then later in the month, my wish was partially granted.  The dishes, laundry and bathrooms didn’t disappear, but Rachael came home and started cleaning.  She was asked out for the first time and didn’t want the young man to see what this house turns into every April.

Love in Spring

The young lady walked into the house
happy she was asked on a first date
she flittered here and there in a rouse
hoping the young man would not be late.

In the spring, young man’s thoughts turn to love
he asks the young lady anxiously
you are the one I’ve been dreaming of
please consider going out with me.

The young lady waits for her first date
nervous energy she has to spend
scurrying about the house, cleaning great
will the young man’s visit start a trend?

In the spring, cleaning is forgotten
as a poet turns verse in wanton


If I had known boys would turn my daughter into Cinderella, we may have thought about this dating thing years earlier.  Now we are entering the home stretch, a week and a half to go.  By April 30th, I will feel exhausted and accomplished.  There will be over 30 new poems in my repertorie.  And hopefully more than a few will be worth polishing.  Happy National Poetry Month!


Veronica Hosking

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