MamaBlogger365 – Sustaining by Julie Ann Cook

We are so pleased to announce the beginning of a 4-week special poetry series, thanks to Julie Ann Cook. Without further ado, presenting her poem:


Previously published in Lemonade and Rumors (2006, Thrift Poetic Arts Press), a poetry chapbook by Julie Ann Cook.

Bio:  Julie Ann Cook is a happily married, joyfully outnumbered mother of four boys, one who was stillborn at 20 weeks. Between assisting in living room railroad construction and addressing concerns of who would win in a fight between Megatron and Iron Man, Julie is an author, artist, and webmaster. Only with the loss of John Blaise, her fourth son, did Julie gain perspective on the number of women who belong to the “strange sisterhood” of mothers who have not had the opportunity to raise a child they conceived. She now promotes awareness about miscarriage, stillbirth, and infant death in hopes that others dealing with this loss may find comfort and healing, and friends and families may learn how to better support grieving families. Julie’s writing has appeared in various publications including the Kakalak Anthology of Carolina Poets, moonshine review, and The Wolf. She is currently working on a collection of poetry focusing on motherhood, and she blogs at Digging Cheese out of Carpet in her *ahem* spare time.

The Museum Of Motherhood is the first and only facility of its kind, celebrating the “her”story of mothers around the world. We need your help — please make your tax-deductible contribution today! Visit the Museum of Motherhood, NOW OPEN in NYC – Tues.-Sun., 10:45-6:30.
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