Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

I’m sure almost everyone recognizes the title of this post. Oh, the Places You’ll Go by: Dr. Seuss.  The month of May is here, once more, and as I write this post, my girls have only three weeks of school left.  Things here are going to get hectic, because both of my daughters are going places.  Gretchen will be moving up from elementary school to middle school.  Rachael will be moving up from middle school to high school.

Last month I accomplished writing at least one poem everyday.  Before the month ended, I was introduced to a new poetry form – double dactyl.

“A form of light verse invented and promoted by Paul Pascal, Anthony Hecht, and John Hollander. The double dactyl consists of two quatrains, each with three double-dactyl lines followed by a shorter dactyl-spondee pair. The two spondees rhyme. Additionally, the first line must be a nonsense phrase, the second line a proper or place name, and one other line, usually the sixth, a single double-dactylic word that has never been used before in any other double dactyl.


Well my first attempt failed miserably.  I am not very good at keeping a consistent meter in poetry.  But I’ve been reading several examples Online and saw many poets having fun with the form.  I have written seven more double dactyls, experimenting with stressed and unstressed syllables.  My last attempt is a winner.  And also inspired by the graduations in May.



Yippity Jippity
Rachael and Gretchen will
Graduate, moving up
They’re on their way

Nervous excitement builds
Students begin to count
Down the last day


Phew! I feel like I’ve truly accomplished something for National Poetry Month this year, mastering a new poetic form.  I hope I can inspire others to give this form a try.


Veronica Hosking


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  1. vhosking says:

    Reblogged this on Hosking's Blog and commented:

    One of my first double dactyls. And now my oldest is off to ASU in the fall and the little one finished her first year of high school with academic honors.

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