MamaBlogger365 – June Racing By by Veronica Hosking

Once again it is the 25th of the month.  Time for me to write something for the Mamazina blog.  The first part of June we headed off to Disneyland.  Both girls marked an education milestone with promotions from 8th and 5th grades.  Rachael received straight A’s every quarter in 8th grade and Gretchen received the Presidential Award for Academic Excellence.  We had a great reason to celebrate their successes.

Rachael’s graduation 

Gretchen’s graduation

We all had a wonderful time at the Disneyland Resort.  We stayed at the Grand Californian Hotel.  The first morning we walked through the lobby, “Hotel California” was playing.  I don’t know.  This may be one hotel I wouldn’t mind not being able to leave.  Unfortunately when we checked out on Friday, we walked out the door without any problems.  Except one – Mom forgot her swimsuit.  Oh well, it was over 3 years old, and I needed to buy a new one.

After our vacation, the girls had well checks.  Gretchen needs boosters to get into middle school.  Her sister only needed two.  Gretchen for some reason needs three.  She thought it was two; then was told it was three; then told it was two again.  It is still three but the doctor’s office did not have any DTaP in stock.  We have to go back.  But she did well getting the two shots and does not seem to be anguish about having to go back for a third.

And Mom did buy a new swimsuit.  The girls and I went out a few days ago.  I’m glad they sell swimsuit separates.  My top and bottom are not porportioned the same.  But I can never find bottoms to fit.  They only seem to have extra smalls or extra larges.  The reason why my swimsuit was three years old.  Rachael was a big help.  I found a nice set with a size 6 bottom.  The hanger for the top said size 12, but when I got in the dressing room, I saw it was a size 8.  It didn’t fit.  Rachael went out and searched the racks until she found a 10 top for me.  It fit nicely, and Mom was able to buy a new swimsuit.

Now I’m ready for our next summer trip.  In July we are flying to Buffalo, NY for my 20 year high school reunion and to visit family.  We may even take a car trip to New York City.  Neither of my girls have seen the Big Apple yet, and they can’t wait.

Veronica Hosking

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