MamaBlogger365 – Reflections on Motherhood by Ellen Gerst

Reflections on Motherhood

Now that I too am a mother, I can look back upon your actions and

realize what a wonderful mother you have been to me

I have learned just how hard it is to be a mother

♥ To put your children’s needs before your own desires

♥ To live through your children’s adolescence

♥ To want to stop your children from making mistakes

but knowing they have to learn on their own

♥ To be able to pick the proper battles and know when to let go

♥ To hurt when your children hurt

♥ To be bursting with pride in their accomplishments

♥ To know that you eventually have to let go and allow them to lead their own lives

To take an unpopular stand with them for their own good and

♥ To always have the desire to “mother” even when your child is grown

I think that one of the best testaments to your motherhood is that you made me independent, confident, and able to deal with the world (most times!) on my own

But it is also comforting to know that you are always there, just in case I need you

You are a woman of strength and conviction who taught me

♥ Selflessness

♥ Just how important family is

♥ How to be gentle and strong at the same time

♥ How important it is to keep fun in your life

♥ How to reach for the stars

Your love has given me the strength to go out into the world

and carve a little piece of it for myself

I look back with thanks upon all the lessons you taught me

and how you helped to shape me into the person I am today

I feel you are as proud to call me daughter as I am to call you mother

I love you!

Hats off to Mom!

Ellen Gerst is a Life Coach who specializes in grief and relationships, as well as an author and workshop leader. She helps her clients and readers to change their perspective in order to move gracefully through their life circumstances and provides guidance on how to find new love after loss. She has penned books on numerous topics, including: grief, relationships, spirituality, caregiving for elderly parents, teen pregnancy prevention, suicide awareness, fitness and weight loss, and social media/networking. “Reflections on Motherhood” is an excerpt from her book “Express Your Heartfelt Emotions: 14 Poems You Can Personalize To Use As Greeting Cards.” For a full listing of Ellen’s books and available services, visit her website at Connect with Ellen via Facebook on FindingLoveAfterLoss.

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