MamaBlogger365 – Beyond the Baby Journal by Jennifer Covello

It’s no secret that I’m an advocate for journaling your child’s life. Why, I even created my own baby journal to help other parents do what I’ve been doing for nearly 15 years. I teach baby journaling workshops and I speak to many moms and grandmoms about the importance of doing something to document your child’s journey here on earth.

My love of journaling started when I was a child – with diaries, notebooks – where I would write down the goings on of my life, lyrics to my favorite songs, or simply a quote or poem I enjoyed. In school, I always did better on essay tests than multiple choice and my research reports nearly always garnered me an A grade. I love to write. That’s one of the reasons I started this blog – to satisfy my insatiable need to put the thoughts in my head on “paper”.

Many people tell me that they have no time to keep a journal for their child. They work full-time, kids are involved in activities, their husbands or partners have needs and they are simply strapped to find the time they think it takes to document all the milestones and events.

I get that. I am in their shoes and was in their shoes. I was working full-time in a demanding corporate career. I was married and had a household to run. I get it… really, I do.

If you look at my children’s journals, you will see there are times when I wrote nearly every day. Then there are gaps that lasted for months at a time. There’s no right or wrong way to record your child’s life. In fact, I recently read about a father who, at his daughter’s high school graduation, presented her with his own version of a journal. This is pretty amazing and a very creative way to document her journey.

People ask me if I still write in my children’s journal and I respond with a resounding “YES!” In fact, I recently wrote about my son’s first summer job and my daughter’s graduation from elementary school. The milestones are a bit different now that they are older and there’s not many really BIG developments that occur say when they were babies. But I still take 5-10 minutes periodically and jot down a few thoughts about what’s going on in their lives.

I’ve finished both their baby books, and a journal for each of them. I’m now into my 3rd book and I suspect this book is going to contain some really important events. Middle school transitions, dances, high school proms, boyfriends and girlfriends (eeks!), and likely some challenges as well. This is their life and it will be filled with ups and downs – just like me.

I often wonder when I will stop journaling for my kids and give them their respective books. Perhaps it’ll be high school graduation or when they go off to college. I don’t know and I’m not setting my mind on any one date. It may be that I give my son his earlier than my daughter’s or vice versa. Either way, whenever I choose, it’s going to be something that I know they will always treasure.

Don’t let time or the fact that your children are older or your doubts about your writing abilities stop you from writing about your children’s lives. Make a video or tape your voice or snap a few pictures with captions. There’s no right or wrong way to do it.  Just decide to do it.

You’ll be so glad you did.

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Bio: Jennifer Covello is The Purposeful Parent, an award-winning author and owner of Frittabello baby gifts.  Her passion for motherhood is evident through her writings and her speaking on topics that impact moms and children. As a divorced mother of two children, Ms. Covello, continually searches for the lessons her own children teach her along her parenting journey. 

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