MamaBlogger365 – Sweet Home by Veronica Hosking

Me, Rick (HS friend), Kati (my twin sister) at Root 5 Restaurant

The girls and I spent two weeks in New York this month.  I attended my 20 year high school reunion.  Then we drove over to Warwick, NY, to see extended family.  We also spent a couple of days in New York City thanks to my uncle.  It was his gift to my girls for doing so well the last school year.  Believe it or not, it is time to start preparing for a new school year.  Both girls start again on August 6th.  Rachael has freshmen orientation on July 31st.

Gretchen and Rachael viewing the 9/11 memorial

After spending time in New York City, we drove back to Buffalo.  My nephew graduated high school this year.  We attended his graduation party.  This gave us the opportunity to see family and friends we haven’t seen in quite a few years.  Before we left Buffalo, Gretchen even got to see the beach.  She was disappointed because we didn’t take an excursion to the ocean while we were in California.  When we were in New York, we did take the ferry to tour Liberty and Ellis Islands but water without beach was also disappointing.

The day before we flew home the girls’ Poppo came by and took us over to Woodlawn Beach.  Gretchen was excited to see the ocean (umm… Lake Erie).  Born and raised in the desert, one of the great lakes looks like an ocean.  The important part – my girl was finally able to go treasure hunting; she wanted seashells to bring home.  And boy, did we find seashells.  Everyone was happy flying home on Thursday.  It was a good vacation.

Poppo, Rachael and Gretchen at the beach











Veronica Hosking


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