MamaBlogger365 – Podiatry, Pastries and Poetry by Veronica Hosking

The podiatrist looked at Gretchen’s CT scan and X-rays and recommended surgery.  It requires a three week recovery.  We scheduled it just before winter break.  Three months from now my baby will have surgery on her foot.  In the meantime she is playing Mom’s heart strings like a pro.  Twenty-five years ago, I had surgery on my foot.  I know it is not a fun experience.  My little girl has already asked for a new computer.  She wants a good desk top she can play Minecraft on during recovery.  Yesterday she requested a get-well cake from Carlo’s Bakery.

You know the bakery made famous on Cake Boss.  The girls have been watching the show on Netflix.  Gretchen loves all the different shaped cakes they create.  The problem – Carlo’s Bakery is in NJ; we live in AZ.  But I figured a lot of customers probably order from out of state, especially now with TV fame.  I told her I would check the website.  I said, I doubt we could do a cake, but if the bakery ships, we may be able to order a couple pastries.  The website states, Shipping will be available soon.  By soon, I’m hoping December.

Mom has also been busy writing poetry.  Last month I wrote a rondelet inspired by Gretchen.  This month I entered the attys poetry contest over at Wattpad.  As a competitor, the entry has to include ten poems all in different forms.  Gretchen inspired this tyburn as part of my entry.

The Dance of Life

Like pirouette twirling, swirling spin
Life can be a hurling, whirling win

Veronica Hosking

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