MamaBlogger365 – Dollar Store Personality Test by Mary Rekosh

We parents have lots of ways of trying to really know our kids, or truly “get” them. We shuttle our swagger wagons between ballet classes, soccer practice, play rehearsals, music lessons, etc., hoping to help them discover and grow their talents and passions, and develop into well-rounded little individuals who will eventually cure cancer by day and play alternately with the Philharmonic and a major league sports team by night. Okay, maybe as the star of a minor league team (good parents are always realistic with their expectations).

Some folks spend a ton of money on counselors and other professionals who are tasked with deconstructing the minds of these miniature humans, in order to figure out what “makes them tick” so that they can be helped to reach their full potential and live full, happy lives.

I have a solution for this endless quest, which will only cost you a buck per kid and I’m pretty sure it’s foolproof. Ready? Here it is: Take your kid(s) to the Dollar Store and let them pick out one thing to purchase. Seriously. At this magical place they have everything available from jigsaw puzzles to home pregnancy tests and anything you can think of in between. For a buck. Which brings up another issue: What kind of pregnancy test only costs four quarters? Sketchy.

Anyway, here’s how the Dollar Store Personality Test went down in my family: I recently brought my three kids to our local Dollar Store, where they each got to choose one item because… well, doesn’t matter, the point is that bribery is my parenting philosophy (don’t judge). Joel, my 3-year-old, chose a jar of bubbles which he promptly dumped out when we got home and then threw a fit because it was empty. Janie, my 5-year-old daughter, picked a hot pink feather boa without hesitation and sashayed through the store to test out its fabulousness. Ben, my cautious and cerebral 7-year-old, deliberated for ages before settling on a calculator and negotiating his way to a bonus prize three ring binder. He also convinced me to get a whoopee cushion for Daddy, because he was sure my husband would find that hilarious (he did, of course). You don’t know my children, but I promise you this about sums them up in five bucks. I highly suggest trying it with your own.


Bio: Mary Rekosh is a freelance writer, children’s yoga instructor and mother of three in Charlottesville, VA. She is also a parenting columnist and a blogger who hopes that documenting the found humor in her journey through motherhood will help others gain a fresh perspective as well. She believes that children are meant to be seen, heard and definitely laughed about.

MamaBlogger365 is a blogging project coordinated on behalf of the Museum of Motherhood, now open in New York City! Exhibits, events, a Meet the Expert series, playgroups, arts programs and more – visit for hours and info.

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