MamaBlogger365 – School, Schedules and Sixteen by Veronica Hosking

It’s hard to believe October is coming to a close.  Gretchen completed the first quarter of school, making high honor roll.  Rachael is nearing midterm and is excelling in all her classes.  I’m trying to stay focused on poetry.

Whipped My Ass

School days sometimes whipped my ass
Report cards a student’s woe
First quarter has slipped by fast
Who has time to lament so?

English class we’re taught to rhyme
Writing poetry in verse
My attempt is thought no crime
Could this poem have been worse?

There is but one verse to go
My teacher gives me cool praise
Other students curse blue though
Maybe there are good school days.

I attempted an Ae Freislighe.  The rhyming scheme is tricky and there were many false starts before I found a way to carry the rhyme in each verse.  Gretchen was on fall break the second week in October.  I didn’t get much writing done.  I had to reschedule the girls’ dentist appointments.  They were both scheduled during the break, but since Rachael’s school follows semesters instead of quarters, she didn’t have a fall break.  And normally we walk over to the dentist’s office, but with Gretchen’s foot problem she shouldn’t be on her feet too long.  I needed to make appointments early in the morning so Dad could do the driving.

October is also our wedding anniversary.  October 12th marked 16 years.  Since the girls are in new schools with different schedules, we had no special plans. I almost forgot I started writing limericks to mark our anniversary.  I knew I needed to write Shawn a poem but didn’t feel inspired.  There are so many other things going on right now in our lives.  Let’s face it – 16 years, it’s not a milestone.  No getaway to New Mexico like last year.  I did sit down before our anniversary and wrote:

There once was a lad fond to reminisce
of a pretty lass he loved to French kiss
lips pressed together gleam
it all seems but a dream
Waking up to sixteen years wedded bliss

And soon October will be done.  Less than two months until Gretchen’s surgery.  I think we are all getting a little anxious about it.

Veronica Hosking

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