Contests, Celebrations and Commerce

Hello November 😀 My favorite season is fall.  Living in Arizona, I miss the fall colors but here we can appreciate a cool down in weather.  My A/C has been kicking on the first part of this month.  A first for me but as I’m writing this post, we are finally waking up to some chilly mornings.  Back in October, I entered two poetry contests.  One asked us to write a poem about the armed forces in celebration of Veteran’s Day.  My poem won 2nd place.

We Salute Thee

Proud men and women stand as one
A force to keep our country free
Marching to war, they do not run
Fighting on until victory


Hear the cry to pick up a gun
Joining up as an enlistee
Proud men and women stand as one
A force to keep our country free


Stand tall whether daughter or son
Veteran’s Day, we salute thee
Take a bow for a job well done
Battle of the Philippine Sea
Proud naval forces fought and won
Victory our country stood free


The second contest I entered was the attys over at  Those entries are still being judged.  You may read my entry clicking this link.

My twin sister and I also celebrate our birthday in November.  Of course I wrote a poem for her.


Happy Birthday to you
Let’s celebrate this day
Our special bond as twins
It may be hard to part
Us before life begins


Happy Birthday to you
November Seventeenth
A day I won’t forget
Whether five or fifteen
Minutes passed when we met


Happy Birthday to you
I greeted the world first
My baby sister, Kate
Decided to wait and
She was fashionably late


Happy Birthday to you
The second born twin stayed
Snug and warm in the womb
The clock ticked past midnight
I shivered in the room



And Commerce – Both Black Friday and Cyber Monday are in November.  I have never experienced shopping on Black Friday and don’t have the urge to start now.  Since I don’t drive, I do take full advantage of Cyber Monday.  This year my oldest daughter is learning about commerce.  She has to create a Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) as part of her grade for high school.  The project should be sustainable throughout all four years.  Rachael has decided to make and sell organic soaps and candles.  She is doing very well.  I took pictures and wrote about her first soap making venture.  She has sold three of the four bars already.


I hope everyone had a happy Thanksgiving and are looking forward to the Holiday Season.  As my Little One told me this morning, she is not looking forward to winter break.  There is less than a month to go for her surgery now.  But I told her she should be looking forward to having nothing to do except playing minecraft all day.

Veronica Hosking




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