MamaBlogger365: Traveling the Road to Recovery by Veronica Hoskins

8421242662_37556253c6My daughter had her foot surgery on December 21st. Her recovery is progressing well. At the two week post-op, the doctor removed all the bandaging and then the stitches were pulled. This went better than I imagined. When she heard the stitches were coming out, she started throwing a fit. But we covered her eyes and let her squeeze her big sister’s hand. Before she knew it the stitches were gone.

She still has a pin in her heel. I don’t know when the doctor will remove it or if anyone is looking forward to it. As I said, stitch removal went pretty smooth. Afterwards the doctor put Gretchen’s foot in a therapeutic boot. It helps keep her ankle in the right position while healing. I think my girl traumatized the doctor. She was screaming bloody murder as he was positioning her foot into the boot. The boot is removable. My daughter can now bathe. After the whole putting the foot in the boot fun, the doctor did wonder if we should just leave it.

It’s been a week since the post-op visit. I did convince Gretchen to take off the boot a couple days after for a bath. When we put the boot back on, I was convinced it wasn’t on right. She put the boot on without any screaming or hollering. I watched a couple YouTube videos on how to wear a walking boot. We did as instructed. Since the post-op visit the swelling of her foot and ankle has gone down significantly, it may make all the difference. Of course now it seems her foot is swimming in the boot. Even when we have it pumped up.

Right Foot

Left foot, left foot
Right foot, right
Feet in the morning
Feet at night

Feet work together
In all kinds of weather
Left foot, left foot
Right foot, kaput

It was no cahoot
When right foot got the boot
Left foot, left foot
Right foot, kaput

Feet in the morning
Right foot malforming
Feet at night
Right foot wrapped tight

The poem inspired by the opening lines of The Foot Book by: Dr.Seuss

Veronica Hosking

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